Friday, August 12, 2011

Crop Circles - "Read the weeds"

Messengers cloud the message

Last week, without producing a single culprit, Physics World journal explained away crop circles as elaborate hoaxes using magnetrons, GPS and laser technology. Within days, De Void received a DVD documentary called “What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery” by California filmmaker Suzanne Taylor, and it was officially released on Tuesday.

De Void tends to avoid the crop circle thing because it’s as unrewarding as UFOs and may well be part of the same thing. Excuse me, miss? My head hasn’t exploded in several months — can I order some chocolate cherry bombs off the menu, please? But Taylor has been at it for nearly 20 years now, and when something drops in your lap, doesn’t cost money, and doesn’t require any reading or effort to ingest, hey, as an American, I’m all in.

Taylor doesn’t present any definitive answers, either, but her slant skews toward non-human intelligence. Which is fine, unless you’re one of these people who thinks tangential associations can be problematic. Among the eclectic mix of folks receiving “Special Thanks” at the end credits, for instance, is conspiracy-addled  “exopolitician” Alfred Webre. No reason to linger here, you can Google the guy and drawn your own conclusions.

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