Monday, August 29, 2011

Strange Lights In The Skies Over Florida & Georgia

Witnesses in Florida and Georgia report bright lights, that they can't identify. 
Here are those unedited reports submitted to MUFON.

MUFON Case #  31272
Event Date:    2011-08-28
Time:             20:46 GMT
City:             Crawfordville
State:           Florida
Distance:      Unknown
Summary:    Very bright light similar to iridium flare; went out and came back on twice.

Was in the yard with the dog; rural area, good dark sky conditions. The sky was cloudless. Saw a very bright (est. -8 magnitude) light almost over-head in eastern sky. The light disappeared and then re-appeared 4 to 5 seconds later further north. It disappeared a second time for 8 to 10 seconds, and re-appeared again further north. It did not re-appear over the next five minutes.

There were no noticeable airplanes in the area and no blinking lights, no sound. The light did not appear to be aircraft landing lights being turned on and off. It really appeared most like an iridium flare. I am quite familiar with them and have observed "double flares" on several occasions. The first light was easily a -8 magnitude, the second perhaps a -6, and the 3rd maybe a -3.

I check Heavens-Above daily for satellite traffic and did not recall an iridium flare forecast for the date and time I observed this. I went back in the house and rechecked Heavens-Above. There were no iridium flares projected to occur here last evening at that time--and certainly no doubles. (I have not heard of any triples?) I further checked the web site for any other satellite traffic projected for that time last night and found nothing?

Please note: this sighting is quite similar to 31265 from Georgia.


MUFON Case # 31265
Event Date:    2011-08-29
Time:             21:30 GMT
City:             Atlanta
State:           Georgia
Shape:         Sphere,Star-like
Distance:     Unknown
Summary:    bright light pulsated disappeared then reappeared in another spot got bright and disappeared

i was walking out of my building just happened to look up and I saw what i at first thought was a really bright star. i was facing east and saw this very bright white light in the sky. It disappeared then moved north pulsated bright again faded out and I didnt see it again. I literally could not believe what I was seeing. I was jaw dropped. I spent 10 years in the military 6 of those as an aviation electrician ive never seen anything in the sky like that before. I am also in close proximity to dobbins afb I know aircraft. my phone was at the pool which is where i was walking to. by the time i realized what i was seeing I ran to get my phone to try and get a picture but was gone by then. I am definitely a tad disturbed by what i saw because i cannot find a logical explanation for what i saw. Jupiter is close to the same position but is not visible until much later in the evening. I KNOW WHAT I SAW, but i cannot find a logical reason.

[Editor's Note:  I am assuming there is a typo and that the witness in Georgia actually saw the lights on the evening of August 28, 2011,  not today's date of August 29, 2011. -SW]


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