Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strange Object Photographed Over Auckland, New Zealand

Witness' sketch


At least 3 people in Auckland, New Zealand witness and photograph a strange object in the sky.

Here is that unedited report, which was submitted to MUFON.


MUFON Case # 31293

 Date:    2011-08-05
 Time:    17:15
 City:    Auckland
 Country:    NZ
 Shape:  Egg, Fireball, Oval, Other
 Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    object appeared as steak of light then changed opacity/shape/orientation, then disapeared behind clouds

initially when i first noticed it, it was a streak of light above a cloud bank i thought it may have been a contrail caught in the sunlight or something atmospheric so i didn?t pay any attention to it even thought it was completely stationary it didn?t cross mind at all, until i took another look, at that point it was partially transparent but still stationary, i yelled out to my partner and my friend and we watched it for a while (my partner was taking photos of it). it gradually began to resemeble a star but it was so far away we had trouble identifying it without camera zoom assistance, we took 11 photos some of which the object we observed seemed to change shape, opacity, orientation and position in the sky. In the last photos we took before it went behind the clouds were clear enough that you could see that the object was spherical in shape and had a shadow underneath it also had a sort of disturbance around it. the object was observed north west of my apartment and was viewed from my apartment window. i have observed similar things in the sky 5 times over the last few years this is the second time during daylight hours (once in the morning and once in the evening). the camera lens had a spec of dust on it which is apparent in the photos but in no way does it obscure the view of the object

Original Witness Sketch
Original Photo 1
Original Photo 2


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