Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Military Jets and Strange Lights Over Zavala County

Crystal City is one of the towns in Zavavla County, Texas.  It is located in South Texas, near the Mexican border, southwest of San Antonio.  Please click on map for a larger view.


A witness reports to MUFON, of strange lighs, craft and military jets over Zavala County, Texas.

Here is that 'unedited' report.


MUFON Case # 30957
Date: 7-28-2011
Shape: Lights, triangle, rectangle, cylinder
Location: Zavala county, east of Crystal City, Texas
Summary: Shape of a triangle with a yellow- white light at each corner.

These lights happen often. Military jets as many as five circle the sky way high above the (LIGHTS) during these events, when we hear the jets rumbling we know to start watching for the strange lights. These strange lights will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and give you the chills. Obseerved at times from 2/11/2011 eight thirty pm and as late as 7/28/2011 ten thirty pm. Many ranchers in Zavala county, east of Crystal City Texas have seen these very strange lights that can change from being a single to a triangle to a rectangle to the shape of a vertical bar. The lights can stay on for minutes at a time, to on and off quickly. These events can last at times well over 30 minutes. When the event is over the jets go away. The lights are usually in the south west direction and about a ten oclock high degree. Also are reports of disruption of GPS instruments.You will know it when you see them.


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