Monday, October 25, 2010

Boomerang-shaped craft over OKC neighborhood

Depiction by witness in CA.

I received an email concerning a sighting by the witness and his wife, of a boomerang shaped object flying over their home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

The witness also reported this sighting to MUFON.  Here is that report.

MUFON Case #  26097
Log Number:    US-10252010-0001
Submitted Date:    2010-10-25 00:42 GMT
Event Date:    2010-10-24 21:20 GMT
Status:    Assigned
City:    Oklahoma City
Region:    Oklahoma
Country:    US
Longitude:    -97.5164276
Latitude:    35.4675602
Shape:    Boomerang
Duration:    00:00:20
Distance:    100 feet or less
Description:    Small white/silver boomerang craft observed at close range

This occurred in Oklahoma City on 10/24/2010 at 9:20 pm. My wife and I were sitting in our hot tub (with the jets off) in silence when a white/ silver looking boomerang craft flew right towards us and directly over our heads. I spotted it coming at us and told my wife to look, which she immediately did. The craft was approx 80' to 100' feet above us, approx 30' wide and 20' in depth, and was completely silent the entire time. It was moving at a slow rate of speed (approx 25 MPH) and we watched it go in a straight line past us for approx. 400' when it started to turn sharp right and then totally disappeared. It was not too far from us to go out of sight, but simply just vanished. The moon was almost full and viability was good as there was no clouds at all. There is no doubt in our minds at all that this was a UFO. It could not have been anything else.

I have seen a UFO close up before many years ago and know they exist and my wife did not believe in them at all, until now. She always laughed at my story from the past and it was great that she now knows they do exist.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Attached is a web link we found that shows exactly the same craft that we saw.

Note:  I emailed the witness and asked in what direction the object was traveling.  Here is his reply:

It went north to south. It did not appear to have a vapor when it was over our heads. After it passed over, the vapor was there especially when it turned sharply and disappeared. This was no man made object, unless we have something that is silent and can completely disappear. That is beyond anything I believe possible here. I also doubt it would be tested or flying in a residential neighborhood. Thanks for having interest in this.

If anyone in the Oklahoma City area saw this object, please contact me and/or report your sighting to MUFON.


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