Monday, October 4, 2010

Mailbag- Light see hovering over Austin- 9/29/2010

I received this report from a witness in Austin, who claims that on the evening of September 29, 2010 he watched a light in the sky for approximately 3 hours.  According to the witness, the light never moved during the time of observation.
Here is that 'slightly edited' report.

"The other evening, September 29 to be specific. Around midnight I was helping my friend unload a futon from her car, when I noticed a bright light coming from what I first thought to be a helicopter.. All I can really say for certain is that the light was very noticeable. not too bright, but very unmistakable. It appeared to be about as high in the sky as a helicopter probably would've been. The light never moved. I watched it from midnight to around three in the am. and it never moved. I have not seen anything else even close to what I saw that night that I could've mistaken it for. It definitely got my attention. I live in east Austin and my patio faces east. and that's where I watched it. I was hoping to see it move, but I went to bed."

Note: Do you get the feeling that we are being observed? -SW



  1. Ok dude, seriously... it was just a helicopter. I've got the same thing over Massey Lake near Midlothian. Two or three choppers hover over it for about three-ish hours during the night from about 8:30ish to around 11. They rotate being there. Like, one goes away for a bit and another takes it's place. They're just training carrying water from the lake to a fire.
    Check on Google Earth if there's a lake or pond near where you saw them. If not, it's probably just some other military training. Or maybe it was a search team. My point is: no UFO.

  2. I saw something very similer that night, from around 8-9. I live in north austin and in the south west sky was a fairly bright red object that looked like it was way closer than any thing in the sky. when me and my friends saw it we had a pretty intense reaction every one felt like the light was hovering just off in the distance, every ones eyes were locked on the light when a pretty bright flash occured just above it, tripping us all out entirely. it was a pretty unreal experience and some one seems to have witnessed basicly the same thing.


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