Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update - Frisco Sighting TV Interview - Video

Video link

Note:  I received an email from Marilyn concerning the response to the video:

I had an exciting phone call this evening from a very sweet lady that said she and her husband tracked me down after seeing the story on WFAA! She and her husband saw exactly the same thing that I and the people in Frisco saw! She said they were amateur astronomers as they had a nice telescope they use all the time so they are very familiar with the night sky! She said they are convinced this was not airplanes! Although they had not believed in UFOs, they are considering the possibility now.

She also insisted I give their contact information to Steve Stoler. She said they wanted me to know I was not crazy and they wanted him to know these were not airplanes.

So that is 5 witnesses from 3 different locations! No way airplanes would look exactly the same to all of us from all those angles!

As far as the trolls making snide comments...I knew to expect some of that....this type of thing just is too hard to wrap their itty-bitty minds around!

In The News- Lights over Frisco

Original Report
Multiple witnesses have UFO sighting in Frisco, Texas

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Other emails I've received about lights over the same general area of Texas, at approximately the same time :

O.K. Not sure how to explain that strange incident. But around 7:30 I stepped outside with my mother.
While I was talking to her, I watched two airliners making their final approach maneuvers, coming into DFW Airport. Suddenly, an extremely bright object just appeared out of nowhere, about five miles behind the second plane. I pointed it out to my mom, and she was amazed too.

We watched this object fly the exact same course as the planes. Slowly veering from North to East, and descending in altitude. Just as though, this object was a plane flying in perfect unison with the two airliners, and making it's own approach to DFW! But this object got so bright, as it was making the course adjustment, until it was probably ten times brighter than Jupiter, and at it's brightest, it just blinked out completely.

You could still clearly see the first two airliners, and we watched them, until they dropped down to land, and disappeared over the horizon. But, the extremely bright object, that had been flying the same course as the planes, never appeared again. This object was visible for about three minutes. Closer to 7:45 pm on the 24th. Unlike the planes... there was no navigational or recognition beacons flashing, on wings, fuselage or tail. Just one huge bright white orb, that got so felt like it was shining a super powerful spot light, directly at us on the ground. I am still amazed at how bright this object became for about 35 seconds.

Sunny, I know what I saw...and that wasn't THREE planes. But, this object was certainly following right in line with the regular air traffic, coming into DFW, from the south.

Once again.........we have a strange object, that appeared out of nowhere...and it was initially traveling due North! Just like the majority of sightings.- Roi


I may have 1/2 figured out one of the oddities tonight. one of the common unknowns appears to be a aircraft of some sort with non-standard lights. It seems to be staying in the area and we have a lot of air traffic tonight. usually there are 1-2 planes every few min. but just 5 min. ago I counted 8 looking straight out form the porch and the one with the solid light seems to be making large circles as a similar non-standard plane keeps reappearing every 3-5 min in a similar low altitude flight path.

It has one large yellow light apparently up front. Through some high powered bi-nocs I can faintly see what appears to be a red blinky but no other colors and the yellow light stays on solid.

So maybe one has been answered! - (name withheld)


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