Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In The News: Lights over Frisco

Mysterious lights reported over Frisco


At least three Denton County residents reported mysterious lights above Frisco. The sightings occurred Saturday night around 7 p.m. One of the witnesses who saw it has more questions than answers.

Marilyn Brannon was doing her typical evening routine. She walked her dog through her neighborhood. But Saturday night was anything but typical. “I looked back and noticed the two lights. They were very bright, almost as bright as Jupiter," aid Brannon.

She grabbed her camera and took several photos. One of them shows Jupiter on the left, a jet on the right and two unusual lights, side by side, in the middle of the photo toward the bottom. “The jet left and maybe after 30 seconds, they began to fade. And then I knew that was something unusual," said Brannon.

We showed Brannon's photos to astronomer Don Garland at the Nobel Planetarium in Fort Worth. Garland showed us a graphic of all the stars and planets in the eastern sky Saturday night. “There's not really anything bright enough to make the two dots that we're looking at in the photograph," said Garland.

But the astronomer has his own theory. “They may be aircraft that are 100 or more miles away, that might have been flying in line of sight with the observation that was made in Frisco," said Garland.

Brannon says she's fascinated by what she can't explain. “Wouldn't it be the greatest story in the world to know we're not alone? To me, that is very exciting to even think about," said Brannon.

Federal Aviation officials at D/FW International Airport did not receive any reports of the sighting.

Read original report:
Multiple witnesses have UFO sighting in Frisco, Texas

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Unfortunately, my local TV does not include DFW network channels.  If a video becomes available, I will post it. 

I would also like to extend kudos to Marilyn (a dear friend), for stepping forward as witness to this event, and to the reporter Steve Stoler, for bringing it to the public in a dignified manner.

Thank you both.



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