Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos of Unidentified Object in sky near Dillard, Georgia

             Click on images for larger view.

MUFON Case # 26043
Date/Time:    2010-10-22 15:35
Location:    Dillard, Georgia
Shape:    Triangle
Summary:    Taking a picture of mountains and Fall colors.

Me, my wife and her friend, Judy, from Houston, TX had driven from Murphy, NC over to eat at the Dillard House in Dillard, GA. After we had eaten our meal Judy went back onto the porch of the restaurant to take a few pictures while Me and my wife waited in the truck.

After Judy finished taking her pictures we left Dillard and did a few other things and then drove back to Murphy, NC. We got hom about 6:30pm EST. I then asked Judy for her camera card so I could download the pictures she took during the day, including the two that are attached.

After downloading the pictures to my laptop we started looking at them. These two pictures were the last (2) and we were certainly surprised to see this object in the sky. Judy did not notice anything while she took the pictures and it wasn't until we loaded the pictures onto the pc did we see anything. It did make the hair on my arms stand up!

Judy said she did see the object on the way to the Dillard House (she thinks it was on the way but isn't sure) but she didn't say anything at that time. I asked her why didn't she say something to me but she said she didn't think anything of it at that time and thought it was probably an airplane.

I am a MUFON member but Judy isn't and she didn't know I was a member until just now. For me to finally see my first UFO is certainly exciting. If it can be explained away as something else, well, that is Ok, too. After all these many years of seeing nothing in the skies, gives me a much better understanding how other folks must feel when they see something out of the ordinary.

Please feel free to contact me. Perhaps other folks saw the object and reported it to the Dillard police. Please keep me posted. If you need me to keep the camera , Kodak EasyShare C633, I need to know this right away as Judy leaves for Texas on Sunday. Regards, Ron (last name removed-SW)

Original Photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2

Note: I thought at first that this might be a sun flare but after viewing the object (in both photos) at a higher resolution, it does appear to be an unidentified object in the sky. -SW


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