Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Video of light (UFO?) in Austin, Texas

Video Link

Note: This report was emailed to me.  The witness asks what I think it is but better yet, what do you the readers think?
Possible UFO sighting over Austin, Texas at approx. 10:15 p.m. on 10/05/10.  Captured on IPhone.

"I was leaving for work from South Austin when I noticed something in the sky that was pulsating different colors.  I watched it for a while thinking it was just a plane, but then it started moving very rapidly.  I recorded it on my phone to show my friends.  They insisted it was very strange.  After looking on YouTube, we noticed several others had recorded very similar things from the area.  I am not sure if this is a UFO but it is very strange.. it is the pulsing dot that flys around before dissapearing behind the hills.  You cannot see it during the video, but it pusles between blue and green.  What do you think?




  1. quite a few sightings in the ATX lately.. i live in southeast austin, and have seen a few unexplainable sightings..

  2. I have seen 2 wired sightings in a week. I live in austin colony on old webberville road. I swear i saw i light slash across the sky then shrink into its self. then u saw this huge silvery thing just shrink to nothing!!!! October is my birthday month and it seems to be very active every year for sightings.

  3. I was in South Austin driving toward downtown on 10-15-10 {Friday night} and saw two lights like this over downtown. Then I went back home and saw them in South Austin at Mopac and Slaughter also.
    Maybe they were trying to show themselves to all the UT kids on 6th street and then followed me home.


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