Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mailbag- UFO sightings over Palmdale, California and Northwest Georgia

In response to post titled
Rectangular UFO over Austin October 1, 2010, received these emailed reports the evening of 10/02/2010:
(Reports are as is, unedited.)

"i dont know if what you saw is what we saw @ 10:30 to 12:00pm last night over palmdale, ca, but we here in our neighborhood were amazed.  there were one to several lights flying in the sky just after the storm, but it was the sheriff deputy that noticed the differt lightening that accompanied it..we tried to figure out if the were lights from the ground or true ufo's...there was another solitary one in the distance.  they would meet as one light and then break away into 3 to 7 different light, they were all over the place.  it looked as if, well to me anyway, like the lighting was the home? and they snuck out to play, they way children do, i just felt like they were happy and having fun...well we all did.  the lights were a soft whitish grey, another thing is that they stayed on top of the clouds, using them as a shield, but the lighting was different...gave everyone a sense of fear. 
chaun of palmdale,ca"

And another sighting:

"I live in Northwest Ga and I wanted to let you know that there have been several sightings by myself and other friends/family members. Just tonight there were 2 strange orbs I saw while driving just about 45 min’s ago. I found you sight when I was looking to see if there was a meteor/asteroid shower for tonight b/c they seemed to appear bright very bright like a street light then fall for 3 sec approx. then disappear. the first time I saw it I just told my self I imagined it but the second time on a different part of town I knew I had seen it. I am not tired I did not just get off of work. I am fully aware of what just happened. If you happen to hear of anyone else with this experience would you please let me know. I have always believed and now of course you know about the planet they just found like Id rather not give you my real name but just call me Jane.

Thanks so much and please don’t think I am nuts.

Note: Jane, I don't think either of you are nuts.  I saw something enter our atmosphere this evening, which flash brightly, traveled west a short way and then disappeared.  It was definitely not a meteor.- SW



  1. I am living here in North Austin, and I saw three lights last night right before the sun set. The sky was still pretty bright as the sun was not completely down and all of the sudden I saw an extremely bright light in the western sky that was traveling ata very high altitude and relatively slowly. It went towards the west for a few seconds and then was not visable any more. Then just behind it another one came and traveled a very similar path. A few seconds passed and there was a third one headed south with about the same visability duration. They were not planes that I could tell, no trails left behind them and nothing visible after the bright light faded. Not sure what they were just thought it was interesting that you seem to have seen something very similar last night.

  2. to the guy in california. thats insane. i'm in katy, tx and your describing exactly what i'm seeing right now. there's a storm in the distance but you can see the lights in the midst of the clouds. my jaw literally dropped. i've never seen anything like that in my life ever. i mean those are def. ufo's there's no way they can be anything else. i keep going back out to check and they're still there. its 1am now and i noticed them around 11.


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