Friday, October 15, 2010

Family in El Paso sees "pyramid of lights" in sky

MUFON Case #  25920
Date/Time:    2010-10-15 19:00
Location:    El Paso, Texas
Shape:    Triangle,Other
Duration:    00:10:00
Summary:    Pyramid-like structure of lights, slowly hovering and rotating

I was standing in the kitchen, clearing off some dishes, when my dad comes in from the side door of our house, urging us to come outside, thinking it was just an animal in the street, until my dad tells me to look to the sky, I look, and he starts explaining he saw something similar to a comet, before I have time to take it all in, I see for myself; three glowing lights hovering/flying in unison.

Toward the Western sky is where I saw it, it appeared to be flying West

At first I thought it was a squad of fighter jets, because we live close to Fort Bliss, and that's commonplace around here, but soon my doubts were silenced when I saw the three lights starting to hover around a central point. I ran inside, to get my mom to come outside and see for herself, when I came back outside it had moved further into the horizon, and a fourth light had appeared above the triangle of lights in the center, forming a pyramid-like structure, and I had to climb onto my dad's unused car. I urged my parents to do the same so we could see it as well. We just stood there starting at it, it continued to move slowly to the west, constantly rotating as it moved.

That was when my dad said he wished we had a camera, so I quickly jumped off the car and ran inside to grab my digital camera, I ran back outside, but realized I could get a better view from the roof, so I ran to out backyard and struggled to get our ladder set up, I dropped it once before I got help from my dad and we set it up, he climbed up first, and I followed, but when we got up there, it was gone. No trace of it was left, it just disappeared from the sky. It couldn't have flown further away, because at the speed it was already going, it would have been in our view for another 10-20 minutes. With it still fresh in my mind, I decided to sketch what I saw to the best of my ability, I went back inside and started to sketch what I saw, and notify any of my friends in the area through a social networking site to see if they had seen the same thing.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2

Note:  More people around the world are seeing pyramid shaped UFOs.  Perhaps that is the basis for the Goa'uld ships in the movie "Star Gate" and it's subsequent television series? -SW


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  1. I live in El Paso and saw the same thing but I saw the light as it first appeared at about a 45 degree angle looking east. It first apeared as a single burning ball and my first thought was that it was a meteor. It continued to fall and broke up into three burning balls as they continued to fall. At the horizon the lights seem to hover and thats when the fourth light appeared. My guess is that the hovering effect was probably due to seeing this at a great distance away and the "meteor" was probably still falling rather than hovering. I managed to snap a few pictures with my phone camera but they are rather blurry. Im assuming it was a meteor but it also could have been a falling satellite. Your description and depiction is dead on.


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