Monday, October 25, 2010

Multiple witnesses have UFO Sighting in Frisco, Texas

I received this emailed confirmation and photos from a friend, of a 10/23/2010 UFO sighting in Frisco, Texas.


It has been a while, but I wanted to contact you since I can confirm this MUFON report. As you know I am not too keen on reporting to MUFON, but I wanted to send you the 2 photos I got last night as I also observed this. They are attached.

Jupiter is the single bright light on the left side of the photos. In # 9894 the long steak is a jet that flew by at the time the 2 UFOs were there.

MUFON Case #   26077
Log Number:    US-10242010-0002
Submitted Date:    2010-10-24 02:52 GMT
Event Date:    2010-10-23 19:55 GMT
Status:    Assigned
City:    Frisco
Region:    Texas
Country:    US
Longitude:    -96.8236116
Latitude:    33.1506744
Shape:    Star-like
Duration:    00:06:00
Distance:    Unknown
Entity Type:    None
Summary:    Two Bright Lights Observed Stationary Elev 40 Due South - . Both -1Mag.

On Sat, two of us were at the back of a friend's property having cigarettes when I became aware that there were 2 very bright stars some 25deg to the right of an extremely clear & bright Jupiter.

I knew there were no bright pairs of stars in that section of sky. These were close together about <=1 lunar diameter and they appeared to be mostly stationary or very slight movement "on the spot". Left "star" was slightly higher than the right by only a few degrees. This pair was about half as Jupiter so I guess mag 1 or -1.

I also put the elevation to be around 40deg from my position in Frisco. This would put them over Plano or Richardson if the altitude was great.

I stood there watching and I commented to my friend that "those stars shouldn't be there" and wondered if a planet had moved to a position near another star. Both were white, there was no discernible disc, no flashing or noise.

Here's the interesting part - I watched for some 5mins and the one on the right started to fade and so did the one on the left. But the other stars around them did not. Within 10-20secs both stars faded on the spot and were "gone".

I checking on their last position several times in the next hours but there was nothing more to be seen. I checked to see if the ISS was in the sky and it was not.

Has anyone else reported these objects ?

Thank you,

Note:  If anyone else saw these same objects, please contact me. -SW



  1. that's a plane/heli caught on a long-exposure snapshot

  2. The crop of the photo of the long yellow and red streak with the dots is the jet that flew by. The small white dot to the left of the photo is Jupiter and the other two spots of light sitting together in the middle are the unknowns reported.

  3. My brother and I saw some things in the air between Mesquite and Forney last night. There were lights, some red, green and white, they were very high in the air and most were stationary. We have never seen anything like this in our lives..ever. They were much too high to be helicopters, (Garland had a Santa helicopter ride, saw them), we saw dozens of them over approximately an hours time. We couldnt understand why everyone wasnt pulled over looking at them too! The following is what occurred:

    December 2, 2010 Approximately 9pm

    We got on Hwy 80 at Collins, going towards Forney; Not long after we got on the highway I noticed stationary lights in one spot in the air. About halfway to Forney I realized it was much too tall to be a tower with blinking lights or a helicopter, and the lights were brighter than the stars. You couldnt tell the shape or see a silhouette, only the bright flashing lights. The lights were grouped, I dont recall how many on each one but they would be in white and red, or white and green. Some lights were blue, seemed to be paler in color as I remember, in a line.

    We spotted several more so we went off the exit, down the service road and parked near the Trinity river bottoms, turned the lights off and got out. You couldnt see them all at once, we would spot one, then another would catch our eyes. We looked around the horizon at them, then looked up at MANY of them..everywhere! We saw only a few of them move, they moved slowly but we heard no sounds. I called Doc at The Watchmen.FM, a friend with a radio program and told him what we were seeing. My brother made a call to Forney to a third person, she observed them also.

    We get to Forney to drop my brother off at his home and observe them from his backyard. I left, went back to the river bottoms, parked and looked up. They were there but after a few minutes began to fade...the only way I can describe it. They were gone.

    I left, got back on the highway to go to the Collins exit. I did see a helicopter over nearby Garland airspace, it was nowhere near the height of the lights that we saw.
    Tina Sullivan

  4. I had an encounter yesterday, in Frisco TX. There was something hovering over my house for a while with 4 flashing bright lights. It moved slowly over the homes in my area, and got higher and higher, it was a very deep, but soft humming noise, and my dog was acting very strange. He was trying to claw his way up to my lap. I had to wake up my husband, he too saw it, as it got higher, then it disappeared.


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