Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rectangle UFO over Austin, October 1, 2010

Someone from Austin commented to
Rectangular-shaped UFO and alien encounter in Austin, with a sighting of their own that took place October 1, 2010, at approximately 10:00 p.m. 
Here is that sightings report.

"I’m in Austin TX, I saw a giant black square craft over my house last night. Oct. 1st 2010 – around 10PM. It was moving at a fairly slow pace almost impossible to see because it was the color of the night sky, but against the horizon color I could see that it was solid and square. It also had very dim red lights on each corner, but VERY dim. It flew over and beyond the treeline. I have no idea how to explain what I saw, my house is very close to the airport and every night there are dozens of airplanes in the sky. This was not an airplane of any kind and it was totally silent. It was too dark to show up in any photo. -RemusTheCat"

Note: Please, if the witness or anyone has any information to add to this report, please contact me.- SW



  1. Hey man,

    Actually I saw at least 10 lights moving in a strange way in the sky in at's so weird.
    Oct. 6 at 21:20 hrs.

  2. same here - i live in Oakhill and was driving down 290 when my friend & i saw it. i have never seen anything like it

  3. Finally! When I was about 7 years old, I lived in El Salvador. My 2 friends, my dad and I saw a very large rectangular shaped aircraft, with lots of lights under it and on the side. It was kinda late at night (9pm) It was passing by really slow and very low, just above the trees. I would say like 2-3 stories high...We were amaized, but didnt think of it as a ufo at that moment. My dad said it probably was from the army or government. But now that I am older, I did reaserch on that type of aircraft and I have not found anything on it. So I figured it was a UFO. But all the UFO sightings are always round/disc shaped. If any one else has seen this please, please share. We know what we saw and have never forgotten it.

  4. A few nights ago, on Sept. 3, 2015, my wife and I saw an object that looks almost identical to the picture above, fly directly over our house in Eureka, CA. It was low, maybe 500 ft, and flew very slowly. It made a very loud, deep rumbling noise, sort of like a jet, but without the high pitched whine that I associate with most jets I've heard before. It was rectangular like a cell phone, but the corners were cut off and had small round orange lights where the corners would've been, and one big red flashing light in the middle. I ran in and grabbed my binoculars and got a pretty good look at it. It seemed to be a light colored grey, and had curved lines that ran front to back from the front orange lights to the rear ones on each side. It flew with the long sides of the rectangle oriented as it's leading and rear edges, and the shorter sides as the left and right sides of the object...basically, it was longer side to side than it was from front to back. We watched it slowly fly in a straight line for about two and a half minutes, until it was too far away to see over the roof of our neighbors house across the street. It was really unbelievable. Nobody else in the area has reported seeing this thing except us, which is really amazing as it was so loud that it shook our house slightly, Initially, I thought it was an extremely low flying jet, which is why I went outside in the first place.

  5. Hi Jeff, thanks for the report. If you think of any other details or have another sighting, please email me. You can click on the 'contact me' in the original post.


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