Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fast Walkers and a bright flash of light reported in the skies over North Central Texas

I received this emailed report from a friend and colleague, about UFO activity he observed on the evening of October 18, 2010, in Aledo, Texas.

Hello Sunny,

Just wanted to report some UFOs...
While working at my Mother's in Aledo last night, I saw three interesting fast walkers, and one..."I don't know what!"

I spent a thirty minute break outside, star gazing...and I saw the first fast walker heading due north. The light looked to be nothing more than a satellite or ISS. But, it slowly turned bright orange and eventually a bright red. Possibly ten times the magnitude of Jupiter, and three times it's size in relation to other stars and planets.

Then, it started wobbling and looked like it was going to spiral or tumble out of control. But, it was able to steady it's course and turned back into a small white light and disappeared over the horizon. The second one did almost exactly like the first one, only not as bright and about 5 minutes later.

O.K..... about ten minutes later (all of this was around 9:00 pm...Oct 18) I saw a very bright streak that lasted only about one second, and it traversed, nearly the entire sky, from south to north. Looked exactly like a shooting star, only brighter and had a wider tail than normal.  But the real kicker is this.... The thin cloud bank was at about 35,000 feet and you could clearly see the planes from DFW flying a few thousand feet below the clouds.

This streak was below the clouds, at about the same altitude as the airliners from DFW. Thank God there was no flights traversing it's path at the time!  This thing shot a hole through the clouds in the South, as it came into view...and punched through the clouds to the north.

The reason I say this... I saw the light from this object illuminate the bottom of the clouds, and there was a streak on the clouds, that still glowed slightly, after it passed overhead.  Plus, you could see the clouds spinning in a circle to the south and north, where this thing came through. There was absolutely no sound associated with this event, and that really played tricks on my mind. Because, with that much disturbance to the atmosphere and physically leaving holes in the clouds, as it passed overhead at around 35,000 mph! There should have been some type of audible turbulence.  

While I was still in awe of what I witnessed, I saw another fast walker come from the north, heading due south. But, this one slowly altered course as it was moving directly overhead, until it was traveling exactly due east. I know this, because, I always keep a compass handy.

I don't know of anything we have in orbit (besides the space plane), that can make a short sweeping 90 degree turn while traveling more than 14,000 mph.

The Aledo property is Fast Walker Heaven, and I can't wait to start getting some IR footage of these things.


Note:  I wrote Roi back and told him that while I was outside with my dogs, I saw a bright flash of light in the clouds.  It illuminated the clouds, yet when I waited for the crack and rumble of thunder that follows a lightning flash, there was none.

I'm not sure of the exact time but it was fairly close to the time of his sighting.  I am less than 100 miles WSW of Roi's location.

Moments before the flash of light I had heard a jet flying overhead, East to West.  I couldn't see the jet, as it was above the clouds. 

Less than 2 minutes after the plane was well to my West, I happened to be looking straight up at the clouds overhead.  That is when the bright flash occurred.  It lasted just long enough for me to register it, then I waited for the thunder to immediately follow.  It never came and I was quite puzzled about this until Roi emailed me with his report.

If you witnessed this event, please contact me.


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