Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thoughts on the recent "UFOs and Nukes" Press Conference

Commentary by "Roi".

I watched the press conference held in Washington a couple of weeks ago, concerning UFOs and Nuclear Facilities...while I was cooking my dinner and doing my house chores.

I was dead tired from running all day, and ready to hit the sack as soon as I ate something. But, the press conference was so incredibly forthcoming about what our own Air Force personnel was trying to tell the public. They want answers from the dept. of the Air Force, for all of the incidents they dealt with, while trying to keep our nukes secure...and every single retired professional giving his testimony said outright!

Our government is lying and has been for over 60 years now. The "Air Force" says that NO UFO event ever reported, has ever been found to pose a threat or could ever possibly threaten the National Security of our nation. When flying saucers, orbs and cigar shaped craft swoop down and disarm or activate 5 to 15 nuclear warheads in just a few seconds.
How could you possibly NOT see this as a threat!

These witnesses/speakers are outraged at our government and especially the Air Force, for ridiculing and harassing their fellow veterans who witnessed these events by their side.

The conference had excellent media coverage as well, and I am truly surprised that CNN covered it. But, many of the newspaper reporters who came up to the microphone and asked their questions, also gave brief statements as to their UFO experiences, and one even told of his abductions.

NO DOUBT... there is something BIG coming in the UFO community. One of the gentlemen speaking at the conference even said:

   "We believe that it will take special circumstances to open the eyes of every one around the world, when it comes to UFO "Alien or Multi-dimensional" first contact. Most people, especially the skeptics
and debunkers say... why don't they just land on the White House lawn?... Well, that would be like going to the zoo and walking into the reptile pavilion and saying... Take me to your leader!
All of us are of the opinion that it will take a mass UFO event seen around the world by millions, to finally get the message across that they do exist, and they are most definitely watching our activities
on this planet. Are they sending us a message, by playing with our nuclear storage facilities...who knows. But, one thing is for sure... they do not seem to like the idea that we have such weapons of mass
destruction, and they are {Literally} beaming lights down on these facilities to show us that they know about our weapons."

They used the words multi-dimensional and inner-Earth a few times, and that was interesting and very surprising. But, they are just simply trying to find answers to their incredible UFO encounters. Like all of us...

The speaker of the panel also said that he was aware of many recent accounts, taking place at nuclear warhead sites, as recently as 2009!

The most recent account that was disclosed by these retired Air Force Officers, was the 1980 Rendlesham/Brentwater UFO event in England. The same event where the UFO shed molten metal, just like the one I saw in Sedona. But, they clearly made the point. We will have to wait for the newest generation of Officers to retire. Before we can here their stories of intrusion and interaction with nuclear sites. That is why the most recent account at the conference was 1980.

GOOD STUFF!... I simply downloaded the news conference from the net.

BTW.... I also saw where a new internet game is starting to go viral. I believe that each month there is a new winner...and the winner is some one who can keep a UFO in focus the longest, on their ipod or phone camera. This game is intended to get the public masses around the world involved in photographing and videotaping UFOs. I am not sure what you win though... probably, a visit by the MIB.

- Roi


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  1. > Our government is lying and has been for over 60 years now

    How do you know? Because seven guys said so? What about the millions of service people who have no such stories? What is the explanation?


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