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"UFOs" observed in North Central Texas skies, October 13, 2010

October 13, 2010 at approximately 9:50 p.m.

We were in route home from Eastland and had just turned off of Hwy 112.  As we traveled north on 183, I noticed a white light above the ESE horizon and assumed it was a very bright star, or a jet with it's landing lights on, coming from DFW Airport.  Soon my view of the light was obscured by trees and terrain but when we traveled further north and I was again able to see the horizon, the light was no longer visible.

Still assuming that the light had been a jet, or some other ordinary object, I jokingly told my spouse who was driving, that I had seen a UAO (unidentified aerial object). 

A few minutes later when we attained higher road elevation and I could again see the eastern horizon, I saw the light yet again.  However, the light was now lower in elevation rather than higher (as a star would be), and the object of interest was now further south. 

When first seen, the object was below and slightly north of Jupiter.  When viewed later, the object was below and south of Jupiter.

We proceeded into Breckenridge, turned west on Hwy 180 and drove to Wal-Mart for spark plugs, as my car had started to cut out on the trip home.  After making our purchase, we drove east back to our farm.   

About 45 minutes had passed and now at home, I stepped outside with my dogs.  I looked to my East/ Southeast where the object (if it were a star) should be clearly visible above the treetops.  The object was clearly gone.

If I were to estimate the location of this object (not being a star), and taking into consideration the curvature of the Earth, I would have to assume that it was somewhere north and west of the Stephenville area.
After seeing this object, I checked reports to MUFON and found these sightings (near time frame):

MUFON Case #   25869
Date/Time:    2010-10-13 23:00
Location:    Lingleville, Texas
Shape:    Unknown
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Light taking off to north

I was in my office. I thought headlights were coming around the bend in our road, but they never passed by. I looked out the bathroom window to see if my neighbor had parked his car in the field, and I saw a white light leave the field and head to the north. The object quickly left at horizon level until it blinked out.


MUFON Case #   25870
Date/Time:    2010-10-13 23:05
Location:    Lingleville, Texas
Shape:    Unknown
Summary:    Low flying bright light

I was checking the maternity pen, and I was headed north on our land, and it just flew over headed north, making a direct line over our manure settling basin.

It was pretty dark, so the light caught my attention since it was out of the ordinary.

I thought it was a bird because sometimes there are white birds in the area. When i realized it wasn't, I thought it might be tractor headlights. But then I realized that it was something not ordinary.

It was just kind of streaming, no curves or turns, like a bullet or projectile trajectory, just constant smooth motion.

I wasn't scared, I was puzzled. If it wasn't moving so quickly I would've felt like pursuing it to see what it was.

It flew over the horizon, and I watched it as long as I could.


MUFON Case #    25871
Date/Time:    2010-10-13 23:02
Status:    Submitted
Location:    Dublin, Texas
Shape:    Disc
Summary:    Disc shape light lifted from the ground level and took off

I was in my car going from Dublin to Stephenville on HW 377 heading North. About half way to Stephenville I noticed a large white light to my left. I looked over to see a disc shaped light lift from the ground and was moving to the North at a high rate of speed and then just blinked out.

I never saw it again. It was very fast and i'm not sure if it was on the ground or not but I think it was about 2 or 3 miles away. Its hard to tell in the dark.

*               *               *

Note:  Perhaps these sightings have a connection, as they were all seen in the general area between Breckenridge and Dublin, Texas.  If you had a UFO sighting in this area on October 13, 2010, please contact me.


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