Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woman in Stephenville, Texas sees boomerang-shaped craft

A witness in Stephenvile, Texas claims that on October 28, 2010, she saw a transparent boomerang-shaped craft fly over her house.  She also says that she has seen other objects, including a black triangle.

You may recall the Stevenville UFO Flap of 2008.  Apparently it persists.

Here is the report submitted to MUFON, as is.

MUFON Case #   26324
Date/Time:    2010-10-28 00:00
City:    Stephenville
State:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary: Sharped edged, transparent, boomerang shaped object

Very early morning, stars and moon still out. Couldn't sleep, went out to hot tub. Looking at sky...noticed fast movement of transparent, sharped edged boomerang object passing over house, into cloud (one of about three small wispy clouds in the sky at the time) and didn't see it come out. It moved from the WNW to the ESE, wind from due N, but clouds not moving at all. Watched for it to come out of the cloud for several minutes.

My feelings. I thought it was interesting. Different. I live in Stephenville and have seen many different things, but nothing remotely like this.

This was on or about Oct 28. Only reporting because I saw report of similar object on approx the same date as I saw this.

Missing time? Was out in very early morning several times that week. One morning I was very surprised at what time it was when I went back into the house. It was much later than I thought it should be, but I may have just lost track of the time or looked at the clock wrong when I went out of the house. Am not sure it was even that morning.

I have never reported sightings before and have seen many interesting things. Including black triangle shaped object hovering low near my house, showed to husband. He looked at it said that's interesing and went back to bed. We see so many strange things. I go to the hot tub a lot in the middle of the night (esp. between 2:00 and 5:00) when I wake up and can't go back to sleep.

The few seconds I saw it sounds like a very short time, but it was clear, impressive and I had been looking at the sky already.


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  1. i saw it twice in 1982.
    once at a mall .
    once over my house.
    the interesting thing?
    i knew it was coming.
    no joke...


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