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Increased UFO activity sighted over South Texas- Nov. 18-27, 2010

Here are reports of UFO sightings (and strange aerial phenomena) in South Texas, that occurred between November 18 to November 28, 2010.
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MUFON Case # 26755
Date/Time: 2010-11-18 17:20
Location: Houston, Texas
Shape:    Disc
Vallee Index: FB2
Summary: Strange turning disc object

I exited my car, at the 1300 block of Woodway, in Houston, Tx. I looked up, and noticed this long trail in the sky.  I've never seen a trail like that, so I started taking pictures of it with my iphone. I work with a former Marine, and when I pointed to it in the sky he could not identify it.

We went into a nearby restaurant, and I continued to watch the object, from the window, for about 25 minutes. I noticed the object make several turns, but it always appeared to be going in the same direction (down).  By the time we finished dinner, it was dark and I could not see the object.

At first, I thought the object was probably a jet. But, I later zoomed into the pictures, and noticed that the object appeared disc-like.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3


MUFON Case # 26756
Date/Time: 2010-11-25 18:05
Status:    Assigned
Location: Baytown, Texas
Shape:    Other
Duration: 00:05:00
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index: MA1
Summary: 8 or 9 lighted objects flying southeast to northwest, less than 1000 ft altitude

As we turned east from Cedar Bayou Rd onto Massey Tomkins Rd in Baytown at 18:05, we noticed 8 or 9 lights flying in a loose formation from the southeast to the northwest at between 500 ft and 1000 ft altitude.

The lights were dimmer than halogen lights. They almost reminded us of Japanese lanterns, but the lights were not growing in intensity or decreasing in intensity as you would expect candle lights.

The wind at that time was blowing out of the south/southwest, so I assumed that the lighted objects were self-powered. However, there was no sound coming from them.

If they were small planes or ultralight craft, we should've heard some type of noise. I turned into a driveway on Raccoon Road to get out of the car and get a better look. At that point, the objects headed in a more northerly direction. There were two more that came from the same direction as the others that appeared to be speeding up to catch up with the original group.

At that height, they appeared to be going approximately 50 to 75 mph.
We watched the lights head northerly until they were out of eye sight.
Is there any way to verify if there was an ultralight flight club that would've been out for the day?


MUFON Case # 26760
Date/Time: 2010-11-27 02:15
Location: Spring (Houston area), Texas
Shape:    Disc
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: AN1
Summary: Since November 6th my family has been seing this in the sky on clear nights.

Since November 6th every clear night we have been seeing this object in the southeastern part of the sky in Spring, Texas. It has moved farther away since the first night we observed it. It now appears smaller so I have no idea how far away it is. It stays in the exact same location for at least an hour or more with red, green and amber lights that pulse and it goes from a bright white to a dim glow at times.

When it does move it is at an extremely slow rate and then it remains stationary for another long period of time. We never see it before 2:00 a.m. and it is always gone by 5:00a.m. CST. I would really like to know what this object is.

I'm thinking about buying a good telescope just so I can determine what it is. I have been viewing it through binoculars and have been unable to get a photograph of it.

1. I was in my back yard taking the dog outside.
2. I thought it was an airplane. However, it remained stationary and did not move for hours.
3. I thought is was an airplane.
4. It remained stationary and had these pulsing red, green,and amber lights. It also would dim from a bright white to a dull glow when airplanes would go above or below it.
5. On the first night it was a euphoric feeling that I had seen something so unusual. However, now that it keeps coming back night after night I am frustrated that I cannot determine what it is and why it is here.
6. It usually goes behind trees or objects and fades away.


MUFON Case # 26761
Date/Time: 2010-11-27 17:05
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Shape:    Other
Duration: 01:10:00
Distance: Unknown
Terrain: Woods
Visibility: Partly Cloudy
Vallee Index: AN1
Summary: Weird Contrail

1. We where sitting on in the living room watching TV and I looked out the glass door and saw a weird contrail that was not there 5 minutes before.

My Daughter and my wife, and I went outside to get a better look and to check out the rest of the sky.
I took pictures and will post with this report. The direction of the contrail was 278 degrees west of my location at 1705 hrs. through 1815 hrs. Dark.

The contrail seemed to appear out of nowhere and the angle of turn was 90 dergrees. As far as I know we have no aircraft that can make that kind of angle at speed fast enough to creat a contrail.

2. The shape and location.
3. a really weird looking contrail.
4. It was more like the aftermath or leavings of the object.
5. Agitated and Anxious.
6. It got dark.

It might be important to know that there where clouds in the area and these clouds where moving with the breeze but the

Contrail remained stationary.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3


MUFON Case # 26765
Date/Time: 2010-11-27 13:30
Location: Houston
Shape:    Circle,Disc,Sphere
Vallee Index: FB2
Summary: Several ufo's seen moving from the northeast to the southwest over Houston

I first sited aprox 20 silver disc shaped objects flying in formation from the northeast headed towards the southwest at aprox 25 - 30k feet.

At first glance I thought they were geese however after watching them for a few minutes I realized they were not birds but silver discs and they were rotating and reflecting bright light as they turned.

I ran in the house and got my video camera that I had rigged up after seeing these things earlier in the month I wanted to see if I could get a close up view of them if I ever saw them again. I filmed these objects back on November 6th but the video was kind of shaky so this time I was prepared with a tripod and a 500x zoom lens.

When I returned outside with my camera the first group was gone and I saw another large group flying over but they disappeared by the time I got my camera setup to start filming. I gazed into the sky for several minutes when I saw 2 single discs flying over and I filmed them as well as several others over the next 45 minutes. Some were silver rotating discs that flashed bright lite as they turned others were a brite fire orange/red color.

I have several minutes of video if anyone is interested they can contact me. These objects can be seen almost on any day when the sky is very clear with no haze watch for what may seem to be a star like object high in the sky over Houston Texas.

The video I am uploading shows one disc and another zoom past it from the bottom of the screen to the top left corner. The video was shot with a Sony TRV-730 Hi8 video and a 500x zoom lens. I have several more minutes video available for the asking.

Video 1
Video 2

Update (in addition):

MUFON Case #  26772
Date/Time:    2010-11-27 20:00
Location: Commerce, Texas
Shape:    Chevron,Disc,Flash,Square/Rectagular,Triangle,Other,Unknown
Vallee Index:   FB1
Summary:   At any given time about ten objects in sky all around. Objects had multiple light arrays and colors strobing, flashing and pulsing.   

On the evening of Nov. 27. my nephew and I exited my house to ride ATV to check hog trap. We first noticed a bright low altitude light moving southwesterly. It was silent and seemed to be floating along like a fishing bobber in the water.

Object was relatively close but not discernible by the naked eye. I ran back in and grabed some binoculars. I could not believe what I was seeing. It had a disc shaped Helm that was a row of lights. These lights were a bright whitish blue kind of color. They were pulsing from one end of arc to the other and also flashing in random sequences as well. I gave my nephew the binoculars and immediately started saying I dont believe this something is not right. Its a disc Its a disc.

We were both a bit in dis-belief. The object was vanishing behind a north-south fence/tree line. We drove around and out into the open in front pasture. Here most all of the sky is visible. We proceeded to watch the object until it stopped and appeared to hover in one spot far off above the southwest horizion. Upon gazing around the sky we started to notice several objects all over the sky. There were several that were flying low on the northwestern horizon headed southwest.

At first they were bright yellowish lights and appeared quite large. They would begin to flash and display different colors of light. Some times there were three to four of these in fairly close proximity. Some times they moved toward each other and at other times they would almost touch and then move away from each other one heading northward and the other southward, both moving at the same rate.

There were also objects moving south to north. These would fly almost directly over head and made almost no noise. They sounded kinda like a jet engine,but with a much quieter tone. These are what I call the flying bars. They had two whitish yellow lights on each end. In between were several different lights flashing, pulsing, and possibly changing color. It was hard to tell with our crappy binoculars but you could definitely see the lights on these objects.

There were also objects that were rectangular flying light panels. These objects had the most lights and the most different colors. There were reds, blues, greens, ambers, white, orange, purple, and possibly more. All flashing, pulsing, some steady, some blinking and some possibly moving. The objects moved at a fairly slow rate of speed but speed up and slow down as well as go up and down at times appearing to just "float" around.

We also witnessed triangular shaped light arrays on some of these objects. These had bright whitish blue lights on three points with many other lights in between and inside the triangular shape. I was watching a stationary very bright orangish one low in the southwest sky. It pulsed brightly and vanished. Then there were several smaller flashing flying objects.

My report is a little scattered because I was really rattled by all this and there was so much happening. We watched the show in total disbelief for about an hour. Upon a break for some turkey day leftovers we both independently drew simple pictures/diagrams of what we had witnessed. We drew three of the same objects and two that were quite similar. We saw triangular, disc-shaped, square/rectangular objects.The only really good closeup view was of the initial craft with a definite arc of lights on its helm.

At approximately ten p.m. I went back out on ATV and almost all activity had stopped. There were still a couple of strange objects around but nothing like what we had previously witnessed. Its about eleven on Sunday morning so my details are a bit lacking. We never could really see what the objects were or looked like except for the amazing number, color, and actions of the lights on these craft.

I have seen some weird stuff in my day but this takes the cake. I live on the outside test loop for Majors Field in Greenville, Texas. The air force has taken control of some stuff out there. I dont know if there is any connection but its worth noting.

Thank you for your time, and no for once I was not drunk on a Saturday night. I feel today like I'm crazy because I can't hardly believe what We actually saw. Could ten airplanes be seen at any given time at numerous places, variable velocity and trajectory in the sky for over an hour?

Note:  This last report contains some spelling corrections.


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