Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reported UFO Sightings from Virginia and West Virginia

MUFON Case #   26585
Date/Time:    2010-11-14 17:50
Location:    Chester, Virginia
Shape:    Star-like
Vallee Index:    MA1
Summary: Extremely bright white, no sound, 5-10 miles above ground, made a turn

UFO Sighting: 11/14/10
At approximately 1750 hours (10 minutes to 6 PM EST) tonight, November 11th, I witnessed a UFO approaching my home just south of Chester, Virginia. It was coming from the direction of Richmond (north of Chester). When it was above me it, it turned to the southeast and headed towards the direction of Hopewell. Had it continued without changing direction it would have continued to parallel I - 95. At an arms distance, it was approximately one third to one fourth the size of a dime but was an extremely bright white. I used my cell phone to call my wife to come witness the UFO with me since I was standing beside our mailbox by the road and she was inside our home. She did. It was silent and brighter than any stars. I called my brother, Kevin, who lives in Hopewell to tell him about our witnessing the bright craft. To my surprise, he and some of his neighbors also witnessed the UFO. He said he travelled over the Petersburg Federal reformatory and over Hopewell.
I wonder how many others witnessed this UFO?

*(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg).
(I am a former MUFON investigator, a former USAF sergeant & nuclear alert pad mechanic, retiree of 33 years of DoD, author of Divine Curses – e-book on Amazon, author of “first try web page,” paranormal warnings.com)
Chester, Virginia

And in a report sent to me by email:

Date/Time: 11/11/2010  20:30
Location: Keyser, West Virginia

I live in Keyser WV and I and others saw an intense blue/white light pass over Keyser - Sat. Nov. 11 at 8:30 pm. The rate of speed was incredible and the intensity of the light was the most pure light I have ever seen. It moved from east to west - estimated speed based on the time the event elapsed and distance covered would have to be in excess of 9000 mph. I thought I had imagined it until tonight but after listening to a woman tell about her son seeing it - at bible study - well it sure was an affirmation.

I viewed for approx. 5 sec. It did not change coarse when I viewed it. It covered a distance of about 5 miles in the time that I viewed it. It flew just above another man (the one I had mentioned) and disappeared from his view in a blink of an eye. The light was very intense blue/white and shimmered (very beautiful) it was approx. 5000 ft, from my estimation and about a half mile from where I stood. Pretty much flew directly over Keyser heading west maybe a little northwest.

Note: An object traversing 5 miles in 5 seconds is traveling at 3600 mph (1 m/s= 3600 mph), approximately Mach 4.75.  Measured at sea level, Mach 1 is approximately 761 miles per hour.

If the object observed actually traversed 5 miles in 5 seconds, it was traveling at or near Mach 5.



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