Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Game camera in Louisiana captures odd lights

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This report submitted to MUFON contains photos that show odd lights captured by a game camera, in the back woods near Ruston, Louisiana.

Report is presented "as is", with no corrections.

MUFON Case #    26326
Date/Time:    2010-09-14 23:23
City:    Ruston
State:    Louisiana
Shape:    Cylinder
Duration: 00:12:00
Distance: 20 feet or less
Summary: Bright cylindrical shaped light

This object was recorded on a Moultrie Game Camera positioned in the deep woods of N. Central Louisiana. There was no one physically present and no eye witnesses, just a motion activated Infrared Flash Digital Camera.

There were four occurences where light/objects appeared in frames captured by the camera occuring during the hours of darkness on Septemter, 6th, 13th, 14th & 15th. The primary event occured on September 14th.

I am including 3 images:

Series 1: Image MGDC0378. This image is the primary image and speaks for itself.

Series 2: Image MGDC0372. This image contains a shaft of light that appears in the upper left hand corner of the frame.

Series 3: Image MGDC0375. This image contains a shaft of light that appears to be coming from a source in the upper center of the image projecting toward the game camera as if it were searching.

This camera was strapped to a tree overlooking a mineral block and corn that was being frequented by wild hogs and other animals. The location is in a low area surrounded by forrest and there are no sources of light present in that area. The camera was facing from the east to the west.

The cylindrical light in MGDC0378 appears to be spinning and based on other known objects in the frame appears to be approximately 1 - 2 liters in size.

All images were capture on a SD card and I am in posession of the card with all images as they were originally captured.

There are a number of other images of interest on this card but none as significant as the ones I'm attaching. Those images are available if you have further interest in them.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3


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  1. Image MGDC0378 also shows an anomaly, like a light source at the upper center and a beam pointing down at about 5 o'clock.


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