Sunday, November 14, 2010

Witness sees a yellow orb over his home in Granbury, TX

Depiction of yellow orb over witness' residence.

I received this report from a friend, who states that on November 13, 2010, at 7:25 p.m., he witnessed a bright yellow orb over his home in Granbury, Texas.

Source:  Emailed Report
Date/Time: November 13, 2010  19:25
Location: Granbury, TX
Shape: Sphere, Orb

As I was driving home from shopping in Fort Worth.  Just three blocks from the house, I was suddenly struck with a bright yellow flash and looked up to the North. There was a huge yellow orb, pulsating bright/dim very slowly. The object appeared to be directly over my house.

I could not stop to observe the object, because there were several cars coming up behind me and no place to pull over. So I raced ahead and got to the house in about 12 seconds. Could not see the object anywhere. Got out of the truck and looked from horizon to horizon....nothing!

I witnessed the object for about 10 seconds.  It pulsed about five times before I lost it behind a tree. It appeared to be moving very slowly to the west.

Absolutely no sound, and no other aircraft in the sky. At the bright interval of the pulsing, the object became possibly ten times brighter than the moon!  Looked like a tiny sun and during the dim interval, you could see a shimmer on the surface, with dark wavy lines all over it.

When I entered the house, my cats were hiding and hissing.  They would not come out for about 15 minutes. Even all of the neighbor's dogs were hiding... and they always come to the fence or gate, when I pull into the drive.
Not this time. There was a very eerie silence and the street light was even flickering!

When I first saw the object, the time was exactly 7:25 pm and ultra clear conditions. I would guess that the object was about 500 feet in the air, and about 10 feet in diameter.

My first thought was a plane in distress, after an explosion on board. The object was so bright yellow at first glance, I thought maybe fire had erupted from a plane, or helicopter but no smoke, sound, or other flashing beacons. Just a bright yellow orb!

I live about two miles from the runway of the small local airport and this object was clearly in the flight path, that all of the small planes use to land or take off but it was definitely no plane.   I am positive it was not an RC craft, helium balloon, or Chinese lantern! Not helicopter either.

My guess would be a probe that was fluctuating in energy levels, then just blinked out!  It was there and it was right above my house, at least for about 20 to 25 seconds.


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  1. See i have a slightly different experience, i live in eastern PA, and this is the third night in a row now i have been seeing yellow "orbs" floating in the sky and what appears to be a streak left behind by a jet with an object moving , multiple objects, about 7 of them all in the vicinity of the yellow glowing orb, and while this is going on more to the west there is another orb falling from the sky with a trail a meteor would leave behind, fire red, huge, but when it gets closer to the mountain it slows down, the trail disappears and it just "floats" downward till it disappears, this only happens around 5pm when the sunsets, no other time, and it cant be commercial flights, to close to each other and there are no aircraft bases close enough that would be doing drills.


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