Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for witnesses to 1996 Sedona, Arizona UFO Event

A witness and I are looking for other witnesses to a UFO event (sighting), that occurred near Sedona, Arizona, on or about March 16, 1996. 

If you were a witness, or knows someone who is a witness to this event, please contact me.

Thank you,



  1. My entire family had an experience on this date. We were camping at FR 525C in AZ. Contact me if you would like to hear what happened to us

  2. I Was camping off 525C by sedona on March 16, 2011. Me, my brother, and two friends saw a bunch of different clusters of blinking blue, red and white lights in addition to other phenomena, when i saw the date for this was march 16, off FR 525c, i couldn't believe it.

  3. Thank you for your confirmation of this event.


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