Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flash of Light over Austin, Texas - November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010.  The skies are clear and sunny over Austin, Texas, made brighter still by a flash of light that one man saw and reported to me this morning.

The witness asks:  "Did anyone else see the bright flash over austin tx at approx. 8:oo a.m. South to North?"
If any Texas residents saw this flash of light that apparently moved from South to North, please contact me.

Thanks, SW



  1. Tonight at about 9:10PM on 11/26/10 i was taking garbage container down the hill from my home and was looking into the sky trying to make out Ursa Minor or something. Then, i got sight of lighted object flying above Austin City toward the south. It could not be a comet as it took just about a second to get thru almost whole sky while the flight path was very strait without any slope. No, it was not a man maid object either. The hight of the flight was hard to determine but not lower than 3 miles for sure. I did not see any trail and did not hear any noise. It melted away in the darkness as if turned off the light. It was not possible to take a picture of, even if i would be ready for it. Just a second and it passed whole Austin. No miracle. I no longer believe in miracles - it is the real creature, the physical object.

  2. Some correction to add. There is to remember sort of trail behind the light object but that was just the light track and not a product of burning material. The light color was as natural as sun rays.

  3. November 5, 2010, I was sitting on my porch facing southwest with my buddy who was face me, at 5am a huge white orb fell from the sky heading southwest and hit the ground about 3 mile away from me, and when it hit, the atmosphere completely lit up and my buddy was facing me at the time and he jumped and said what the hell was that, i couldn't talk cus i thought a shock wave was going to come our way.

  4. Really a little over a year later and nothing.... Damn

  5. What i saw that morning on November 5, 2010 changed my life.


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