Monday, November 15, 2010

Mailbag: Report and Videos - UFO sightings around Katy, Texas

I received this email about a recent sighting in Katy, Texas: 

I stopped shooting vids awhile back (Feb 2010) but had this sighting on friday, worth mentioning.
Ive been thinking of posting vid on my r35tt youtube site that explains my whole experience, which something I have never done... an amazing story.

Sighting: Katy Tx (West Houston) Nov 12 2010 3:54pm

While driving westbound on Katy Fwy between the Fry and Mason off ramps, I noticed a very bright star in a clear part of the sky, approx. 35 degs above the horizon due west, directly above the fwy ahead of me in the very far distance maybe 10-15 miles+ ahead, judging by a passing airliner (A short time later) northbound in the foreground in front the clouds.

At first the object got brighter and then dimmer and faded away a few times... Then reappeared and elongated into a horizontal extremely bright line w/ the right end of the line wider than the left end (skinny triangle), then shrank back down to a bright star and faded, then reappeared and split into 2 bright stars and merged back together and faded out again.

Then again reappeared as a bright star and elongated again as before but a little brighter and a little wider at the right end and shrank back down to a bright star and faded in and out.

At this point (3:54pm) I called my wife (hands free blutooth) who was about 1/4 behind me on the fwy
and asked her is she could see it as the object that was fading in and out ahead of us.. but due to a bad
connection she could not clearly understand me. In frustration I hung up. The object then faded away and disappeared.

Feel free to contact me to clarify any details.- Gary

Note: I did call him and we had a long conversation. I feel the witness is sincere.  He has had ongoing experiences since the 1990s.  That will be posted at a later date.

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