Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Witnesses Report Rectangular UFO Over Murfreesboro, TN


Two different witnesses reported to MUFON, that on the evening of November 9, 2010 they had seen a rectangular UFO over Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Here are those unedited reports.

MUFON Case #   26481
Date/Time:  2010-11-09 21:30
City:    Murfreesboro
State:    Tennessee
Shape:    Square/Rectagular,Triangle
Summary:    Large and either triangular or rectangular, with a panel of light, maybe six or eight on the side I could see. Dark colored.

I was driving home from MTSU and right before I got to the intersection in front of the Veteren's Administartion the object was hovering, motionless, far away on the side of the street the VA is on. I watched it for a few minutes as I drove by slowing down. I passed it and decided to turn around, but it was gone when I got back to the intersection.

MUFON Case #  26482
Date/Time: 2010-11-09 22:40
City:    Murfreesboro
State:    Tennessee
Shape:    Square/Rectagular
Duration:    00:00:10
Summary:    Heard an odd noise so I looked outside and saw something pass over tree line.

I was sitting in my room, watching TV, when I heard this sound, quiet at first but growing louder. It was a sound like I've never heard before. The closest thing I can think of to describe it would be the sound of wind blowing through something with the sound raising in pitch as well as volume. I went out the door that's connected to my room, that faces northwest. I caught just a glimpse of an enormous dark rectangular object that looked like it was the end of something larger that I could not see. It immediately disappeared over the tree line, and I didn't get a very good look at it. It was far larger than any aircraft I've ever seen. I didn't see any lights specifically, but it was definitely illuminated somehow, it seemed from the bottom. I didn't know what to think the thing was, I've never seen or heard anything quite like it. My heart started beating faster when I heard the sound, and my heart was racing for a couple minutes after the event. Even now as I type my heart is starting to beat a little faster. After it disappeared I stood outside for a bit longer, but I didn't see or hear anything else. After I came in I got on the computer and told a couple friends what I saw, then started filing this report about ten minutes after it happened.

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  1. Hi guys is this an actual picture you took or has it been manufactured to show what you saw? I saw this similar ship back in the late 90's or early 2000's but I'm very interested in this ship because like I said I saw one similar and it seems that we are the only ones who have seen it


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