Thursday, November 11, 2010

Man wants to know if that was a USO/UFO and not a missile

Mystery Missile launched off the coast of California.

What was that mysterious missile launched 35 miles west of Los Angeles, north of catalina Island?  The Pentagon says it was probably an airplane. 

Probably?  Oh, good grief.

A man posts a query to MUFON and others, could that have been a USO/UFO accident? 

I suppose anything is possible, J.C., especially when even NORAD doesn't have a clue as to what it was.

MUFON Case #  26483
Date/Time:    2010-11-08 18:30
Location:    Catalina Island, California
Shape:    Bullet/Missile,Other
Summary:    USO/UFO Accident upon takeoff from Catalina base.

I believe the recent "Mystery Missle" filmed off Los Angeles, and known to have originated appoximatly 35 miles north of Catalina Island, from the sea, that this should be investigated as a USO takeoff accident caught on film. Especially considering the Governments having no knowledge of what it was, especially NORAD. ...its just scary!

ABC news has a video clip which near the end also shows flickering green/yellow/red lights----no rocket has this, There is also the consideration when looking at the con trail, that it also seems "spiralling", as if the object creating it were doing barrel rolls or similarI wanted to express my thoughts, and inspire some investigation.

Thanks for listening.


Someone lost a missile off the coast of California


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