Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fireballs over Dayton, Ohio

MUFON Case #   26636
Date/Time:    2010-11-17 19:30 GMT
Location:    Dayton, Ohio
Shape:    Fireball
Distance:    One mile or less
Entity Type:    None
Summary:    Fireballs flew over my house

I was leaving my house to visit a friend at around 7:30 tonight 11/17/20.  I was in my driveway about to get in my car, when my wife came out of the house with my cigarettes that I'd forgotten. When she brought them out to me she pointed to the west and said "What is that"?

We saw 2 fireballs coming towards us moving west to east. They flew directly over our house about 300 feet above us. They were in the shape of spheres that were on fire. We could see that they were covered in flames. We got a good look at them and they were red and yellow glowing fireball. They were moving horizontally together.

We watched the fireballs fly directly over the house and I told my wife to go get the camera! By the time she got back out they had traveled far enough that they were only the size of red dots . She zoomed in on them and snapped 4 pictures of them moving away from us.

These fireballs didn't stop or slow down and were moving at a very fast speed with no sound. These objects were absolutely not planes, jets, balloons, blimps, hot air balloons, meteorites, but they were completely engulfed in flames. I KNOW, more pictures of red lights in the sky we wish we would of had the camera when they flew over the house. I was spectacular! We couldn't believe how close they were to the ground. The camera used was an Olympus fe360 2.5 pixels.

Original photos:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3



  1. I am pretty sure I saw this too. I am not sure of the date to know id it was the same. I was near Linden and Spinning. I saw 2 fireballs they were too close to be stars but too far away to be a plane. I also could see fire falling of of them. They seemed to move slow and slowly died out. All I had was my cell phone so I couldn't get a good video but I tried. I thought maybe I was just crazy. I will have to find that video

  2. My Son and I just witnessed an orange fireball type of orb, flaming plasma object with sparks flying off, my son said as I was trying to get a photo. I went to see if it was where it went below the treeline (born dumb); got photos of a very illusive object: orange, faint, hanging in the sky approx. 30' above ground, near powerlines, radio tower, cell tower and a very tall steeple...Sugarcreek twp., Bellbrook, Ohio, 10-21-12 10:pm. long streaks show up in a contrast photo I took, i took a chance shooting that photo is the weird thing, thinking "this is about where I think it was"


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