Saturday, November 6, 2010

1996 - UFO lands on Thunder Mountain, Sedona, Arizona

Depiction of UFO on top of Thunder Mountain, Sedona, Arizona, March, 1996.

The object landed on top of Thunder mountain.  It pulsed with a super bright white light and shut down all power to select vehicles and to the town's electric service utilities.

The sighting was observed by numerous Jeep Tour Guides, especially from Red Rock Jeep Tours, who's jeeps were affected by the object as they returned from dropping customers off at the Enchantment Resort.

When the object first appeared, it seemed as if there were two moons in the sky.

These short and brief details will hopefully spark the memories of my fellow jeep guides, the people we dropped at the resort (who went directly to the roof where a telescope was at the ready), the campers who fled their campsites, the police officers who staked out the scene through the night and any residents who never came forward before.
- "One who was there"

Note: This was told to me by the witness, in hopes that someone who also witnessed this event will come forward.

Looking for witnesses to 1996 Sedona, Arizona UFO Event

A witness and I are looking for other witnesses to a UFO event (sighting), that occurred near Sedona, Arizona, on or about March 16, 1996.

If you were a witness, or knows someone who is a witness to this event, please contact me.

Thank you,



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