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"Foggy" V-shaped UFO seen over Rowland Heights, CA, 8/2/2010

See Update Below!

I received this report by email.  Here it is, "as is".:

Location:  Rowland Heights, CA
08/02/2010, 22:30 hrs.


Last night Aug 2nd around 10:30 pm my friend and I were in my driveway and happened to spot a very faint v-shaped object gliding over my house.  It moved in a smooth controlled fashion at a reletively low altitude and blended in with the sky very well.  The shape was a well pronounced V and had a lumpy or foggy looking texture around the V shape.  The object was moving in a South Eastern direction over Rowland Heights, CA.  When looking up any other sightings I found your site and the hairs on all over me began to stand up.  This was one of the most freaky things we had ever seen.  The path the object took was straight and its speed was constant.  It blended into the night sky very well and looked grey in color with just the slightest contrast with the sky to make it visible.  The v-shape appeared lumpy like it had fog over it.  There were no lights on the object and it gradually dissappeared out of view.  Just knowing someone else has seen something like this certifies my friend and Robin and I are definately not crazy.  I just wonder if we were the only people that saw this last night.  If you have any other reports of people with a clear view of the object please let me know.  I am now intrigued by what I saw and will be looking out for it again.  I can only imagine it to be US military or something along those lines, but if not oh no!  If you can please get back to me on this.

Thank you,

((Name withheld by SW))"

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Here is additional info sent in by the witness.  The video he refers to is below.

Video Link

"Hi Sunny, As freaked out as my friend and I were by this event I decided to look up any similar sightings online.  I ran across one video that looked exactly like what we saw in both appearance and how it moved.  If you go to google and look up V-shaped UFO sighting under the video tab, you will find a video of a craft above the skys of Sacramento during the day earlier this year.  When I saw the video I got goose bumps.  There is no doubt in my mind that it was the same type of aircraft I saw.  From the video the altitude looked about the same in relation to the tree in the right of the screen, the shape was dead on and the speed was very close to what we saw.  The one thing that bugged me the most besides the lack of lights on the craft was the lack of sound.  There was absolutely no sound made by the UFO and it as definitely flying on a controlled course.  I thought it may be some new kind of military drone that hasn't been revealed yet.  I am a skeptic when it comes to aliens, but it would be arrogant to believe that we are absolutely the only intelligent ones out there in our vast Universe. I will try to report the sighting to MUFON tonight and see what happens.  I can only hope that others saw it as well.  If you get a chance please look up the sighting in Sacramento CA and let me know what you think of it. Thanks,
((Name withheld by SW))" My Reply:  It's difficult to extract much information on the object in the video, which appears to be 2 segments spliced together. I made a video capture of the object and zoomed in, worked contrast and levels.
Honestly, I don't know what to think, as I know nothing about the video. However, I do believe the Witness who contacted me.  He claims the object in the video is similar to his sighting and there is a growing number of witnesses, all declaring they have seen a "V"-shaped object in the skies over California. Input from my readers would be appreciated. -SW * Note: This sighting is quite similar to other postings on this blog, such as:
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If you have had a similar sighting, please email me your report. Thanks!



  1. I stay In Red Oak Texas and for the past week me and my family have seen a very strange star-like object that changes its position in the sky everynight from east to west and viceversa. The object seems to strobe several colors like a disco ball. Just wandering if anyone else has seen anything similar

  2. I have seen the same foggy v shaped object flying over the moon. I was around 2:40 am when I got home from a bar. I always look up at the stars before going inside and that is when I saw the foggy v shaped object. There were no lights or sound it just glided pass the moon. The sky is mostly bright here in IRVING TX but this night was clear. I was very neat to see it.

  3. We just saw a v-shaped craft in Oxford, MS around 1:10 AM! It passed over our heads and then we saw it going in the opposite direction about ten minutes later. It looked EXACTLY like the one in the video on this page. Creepy as shit!


  4. I found this article because I just seen the exact same thing in Kansas 2017 ! it's real and very strange !


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