Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TV Cameraman Films Lights Over St. Paul, Minnesota

MUFON's Minnesota Assistant State Director William McNeff files a report concerning lights seen and videoed, over St Paul, Minnesota.

Above are screen shots from the raw footage, which can be found here.

Here is the unedited report submitted to MUFON:

MUFON Case #  25057
Event Date:    2010-08-10 01:00 GMT
City:    St. Paul
Region:    Minnesota
Shape:    Triangle

KSTP-TV people called me, asking if I had anything on lights reported over St. Paul early this morning (Aug. 10). They sent a cameraman, a respected photo-journalist out to witnesses location on Maryland Ave. He videotaped about a 10 minute segment of a formation of lights, five lights part of the time.

See KSTP website for video: http://kstp.com/news/stories/S1690956.shtml?cat=1

Witnesses names are unknown, I am reporting this in their stead. Alert photoanalyst Marc D'Antonio.

William McNeff Assistant STate Director


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