Saturday, August 21, 2010

Possible Abductions- Missing Time and Strange Photos

Here are two recent reports submitted to MUFON.  Are they cases for alien abduction?
You decide.

Missing Time

MUFON Case #  25142
Date:    August 17, 2010
Time:    04:10
Location:   Sierraville, California
Country: U.S.A.
Shape:    Circle,Disc,Egg,Oval,Sphere,Other,Unknown
Duration:    00:17:00
Report:    I didn't see it till it was too late.
All I know that it was a round shaped looking object and it was on a route in Sierraville in the middle of nowhere. I was driving after my friends left at around 1am and I had no idea why but I wanted to drive to Sierraville. There is nothing in Sierraville but farm land that is surrounded by mountains in a valley. I didn't even see it coming. All I know is that it appeared almost overhead of me and I saw a blinding light which caused me to stop. My car stalled but probably because I drive stick shift and stalled. Problem is that I couldn't start up again and I quickly looked at the clock and it read around 4:01am. And that's all I remember. I remember waking up and seeing that time was 4:18am. I lost 17 minutes. I doubt I was abducted but noticed that there was a house nearby. I think I was a witness to an abduction over there. I have no injuries or strange things poking around my neck or nose. But I can tell you that I was unconscious for 17 minutes. When I got home back to Truckee I went to bed and now when I think about it, I don't even know how I got home. I can recall all driving routes that I always take but this time I have forgotten. I'm going back out there but this time armed with cameras and a crew.

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Is this the case of the Brazilian 'pocket photos', or is it something more sinister?

MUFON Case #  25138
Date:    2010-08-14
Time:   18:32
Country:    BR
First, my apologize for my poor English.

Last Monday August 16, I was looking at the pictures I have recorded in my cell phone, a 2 megapixel Motorola Rokr E8.I was scary of what I found,4 pictures I have no idea where they were taken. So I transfer these pictures to my laptop and opened properties than details,so I found that the 4 pictures were taken betwen 18:32- 18:34pm of Saturday August 14 2010.

I remember exactly what I was doing by that time. I was at home with my wife cooking.

I want to make clear that I am not a super fan about the UFO subject but I try to keep myself up to date with the topic becouse I find it very interesting and possible to be real. The pictures I found in my cell phone are very strange, it appears that they were taken out of focus for some reason, if you turn the angle at 360 you will be able to see what seems to be a face or something else at pictures moto 1360 and 1361, and the picture moto 1359 a strange place is shown.

I dont want to think that I was adbucted or something like that, it is to unreal for my mind to accept it. I have a life as well as a family and I will not talk about these pictures with anybody. I am very disturbing about what I think I saw.

Please I beg you to analise these pictures and give me a answer about what you think these pictures are. I say again, I have no single idea were the pictures were taken from.

Please help me Paulo

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