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Comments: Man has possible encounter with alien being

This story of possible alien interaction was originally submitted as a comment.  I have decided to highlight this in a post of it's own, unedited

To my readers: Your comments and emails are always much appreciated.


Mr SW please post my stuff this is RavenusRob and my story was totally real and not embellished in any way I realy want my story to be told and please dont edit out my email since I feel so alone in its unique nature I hope there are others that have seen or had simular incidents. Please dont toss out my story since I dont even have my own copy of what i said. I split it into two parts and only copy pasted the second half so youd post it im sorry but if you dont want the story just email all the text back to me if you can sorry and thanks and please post that it really happened

RavenusRob again,
I forgot to add and this is important. I was raised christian and I belive in GOD. I would not have posted this story if I did not belive totally in all the words I wrote and that this realy happened to me. I do not think this story conflicts GOD in any way I just think we don't know enough as humans to understand what GOD is or what Aliens are or how many species are out there trying to find us and learn about us. I know that many people will have problems with that statement but if this was not completely true as it happened I would just consider myself looney bin material and I am pretty sure I am sane and that I have a good grip on reality. I don't think I saw GOD or the devil or a demon. I think what I saw and what "spoke" to me was a super intellect being from some other dimention or time or place far away from earth. Please also post this for me since my Reverend grandfather would be upset if I insulted my faith and his without elaborating.Again sorry and thanks

Here is RavenusRob's Story:

Ok, we can just call me RavenusRobert for now. I was in my grandmothers house in texas around a week ago in an upstairs room. I was laying down and had just touched the bed and was relaxing my body into a comfortable and familiar position that I like to sleep in. The instant I began to relax my muscles, my room was lit up like the sun but with a red light. I looked toward the brighter part of the light and saw a head and shoulders pertruding up from the floor below into the doorway to my bathroom. The entity took up the entire doorway but only the head and shoulders were visible to me. The body, like I said was through the floor into the room below. The entity asked me every question ever in less than two seconds. I had no reply and I was not paralyzed or immoble but I was overwhelmed mentally and fear stricken. The entity did not move and had no face or defining features of any kind of being in any story or video or photo ever. I have never heard a story of a red light so bright or a being of this type. The light subsided after a total time of around three seconds from what I can tell and I made a phone call to someone who did not answer since it was around 3 am and I managed to email the same person with from what I remember around three hundred charicters and total time from start to finish of these actions is unknown to me but when I returned to my bed(reluctantly) I felt a trembling begin in my eyes and face muscles followed by shoulder and lower back spasims then eventually through my whole body folding me and shaking me and tormentedly contorting me in ways I did not think a human could move. I had this intense "ceasure" for lack of a better expression for minutes from what I can tell then they subsided and slowly I regained controll over myself. My mothers dog (was sleeping down the hall from my room) burst through my door in the moment I regained controll and put his head on my hand beside my bed and nudged my shaky hand onto the top of his head. I was petting the dog and decided that I had what I kept calling an epileptic episode. After talking to my family about this many times it kinda blew over and nobody thinks a thing of it. Just before I wrote this I was trying to call my girlfriend on skype and took a shower and I was what I am going to call mentally intruded (like the infinite questions from the red being or entity) but instead of asked things I was told things. I think I was given special info of some kind but not in words, I can only relate the incident to seing the red entity because of the same yet opposite happening in my mind. I was told infinite things in a short period of time. . Maybe I am crazy. Maybe just maybe I exchanged information with a higher being and was granted information because "he" and I use that term loosely felt bad for my inferior intellect or ability to comprehend or for whatever the hell reason some superbeing would talk to me directly.

What is an alien? Do they all ride space ships? Can they travel through time? Use esp? Build cool craft and tease our goverment(if so that's totally what I would do because screw them) and armys and airforce?

Have I completely lost it or did I meet something completely superior to human beings? Was my trembling associated with some kind of mental inability to cope with such a powerful overwhelming and freaky experience? Maybe after inquiry to my mind and a lack of answers it checked out my body too. Did it take a week or so for it to learn how to talk a little slower so it could tell me things I would understand? I can tell you that the information I was given was certainly not in spoken language. Trying to explain what I was told and I again am using the word told loosely, Would just make me sound crazy so I won't even try. I do know one thing about this whole experience with the exchange of info. This happened to me wether anyone likes it or not or belives or does not. I have not needed sleep since the incident like I used to and I am extra freaked out tonight that I was intruded on mentally or whatever you would call it but, this has been the undesputed coolest thing that ever happened to me and I feel like I have a friend from some other realm, universe, time, whatever, I dont even know. Other than the extreme trembling this has been enlightning and I wish my friend to return and talk again sometime soon. I am no longer afraid of it since we last"spoke" and I think it meant me no harm.

If that was an alien I will say this to you about what I belive in since I am out on the floor with the whole thing. Sorry if you encountered an "alien" that you didn't like and sorry if you had bad memories of it. This one (all involuntary movements aside) was cool as anything I have ever seen and was totally unique to look at, get interrigated by, recieve strange info from, and encounter alltogether.

To the "alien"/red bright being.
Thank you so much for choosing me, I am sorry I was so afraid of you the first time and It did help that you didn't return with the light because I was seriously feeling like I had a problem in my brain and I was beginning to doubt myself and you also. I know you are real enough to me to belive in and if you feel like hanging out then you are welcome to it but if I can make a special request. Well, two things. Do the same thing to the rest of my immediate family because they all think I am insane and they totally want me medicated over this incident. Do it a little more scary for them, haha they would freak out. Thanks again for all the info and sorry if I was unable to answer your questions but you just talk so fast I could not handle it in my mind like that.

To the people who took the time to read my story, this is the real deal. This site is damn lucky to get this out of me and if you seriously have a question you can email me or yahoo message me relaxingmyhands at yahoo dot com

This has been difficult for me to release and I hope to hear from someone interested or someone holding onto a similar incident and is too shy to post something like this.

Remember allways, nothing you see hear or feel didnt happen.



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