Monday, August 2, 2010

Hunter recounts UFO sighting on the Texas/Mexico border

MUFON Case #   24882
Date:    Dec. 19, 1998
Time:   18:00
Location:    Eagle Pass, Texas
Shape:    Boomerang,Circle,Other
Duration:    00:30:00
Summary:    3 lights dropping 20 smaller UFOs red& blue flying in different patterns.

I just saw on the discovery channel the MUFON case and I had a similar experience in 1998. I was hunting near the border with USA.

Several of the people that work in the ranch had told me that they have seen UFO from time to time, but I didn't believe them.

One day I was in a hunting blind just a few minutes after the sun set, and suddenly 3 white lights appear in the horizon (US side). I thought it may be 3 USA aircraft, but they didn't move for at least 10 minutes.

I could see a border patrol Zeppelin near by (that they use for detecting aircraft coming illegally from the Mexican side).

As time passed, it became dark.  I was getting uncomfortable as the 3 light didn't move, or produced any sound.  Suddenly from the lights, start coming out a lot of lights (blue and red), flying in different patterns.

I thought they had been helicopters but the pattern and speed of movement was much faster than a human aircraft can do it.  They flew for around 20 minutes (but no one of the light crossed the border to Mexico), and then they disappeared.

I went back to camp and checked the map of the area.  On the US side it was a restricted area, so I believe the UFOs that I saw where a kind of experiment of the US military.

My exact location was latitude 28° 8'10.39"N longitude 100° 7'31.31"O

((Note: Report contains corrections.  Also, I believe that the Longitude should have read 100° 7'31.31"W))


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