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Are these lights North Texas UFOs captured on Video? - 8/15/2010

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A witness claims to have seen and videoed UFOs near DFW Airport.  On August 15, 2010, he set up his video camera on a tripod and captured this footage.  Below is his report to MUFON.

MUFON Case #  25119
Date:    08/15/2010
Time:   00:00 Midnight
Location:  Southlake, Texas
Longitude:    -97.1341783
Latitude:    32.9412363
Shape:    Saturn-like,Star-like
Summary: 2 star-like objects in N. Texas near DFW, filmed for 30 mins

The first object was west of my location and the other was southwest. The western object appeared much closer since it was brighter. Both objects were similar in that they were flashing reds, greens, and whites. They moved very slowly towards the west away from my location.

I was able to get great footage of these objects.  I was able to capture roof angles, tree lines, and was even able to film an airplane landing at DFW with the southwestern object in the background.  I have seen and recorded these star like objects in the past, but this was the first time that I saw 2 of them in clear view.

I've created a detailed video and posted on YouTube. These objects were shot with a Sony Hi-def camera. I captured about 30 minutes worth of footage. What is posted are the highlights.

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Are these actual UFOs, or could the lights simply be bright stars, such as Arcturus?  I really hate to be a party pooper but the appearances of movement West could be due to the Earth's rotation.

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