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World UFO Reports, August 12, 2010

Top Stories- Here are a few recent UFO Sightings Reports to MUFON,  from around the World.

Australia- Commercial helicopter pilot sees UFO following airliner

MUFON Case # 25068
Date/Time: 2010-06-06 14:17
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Shape: Cigar,Oval
Report: UFO closely following jet airliner.
We were lying on the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon, blue sky, few clouds. We were watching a jet airliner which had recently taken off from Gold Coast Airport on a northerly heading (possibly 3000 feet altitude).

We suddenly noticed something following behind the aircraft on the starboard side, at about a 45 degree angle from the aircraft, about 200 meters away (large passenger aircraft never follow this closely), and travelling at the same rate of speed.

We could not identify the aircraft following because it didn't have any wings, a tail plane or flashing lights. It was oval/cigar shaped and it was shiny like a mirror.

The jet airliner flew into a small cloud and then reappeared out of the otherside continuing on its path. The unidentified aircraft flew into the small cloud and disappeared, but did not appear out of the otherside of the cloud.
This event happened over a period of about 30 seconds and we couldn't understand what we were seeing. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera available to take photos.

I am a commercial helicopter pilot and quite familiar with aircraft laws, rules and protocol. The following craft we could not identify as any type of conventional aircraft.

*           *           *

Ireland- Triangle shaped lights sighted above the coast in Northern Ireland

MUFON Case # 25067
Date/Time: 2010-08-11 01:25
Location: Belfast, Ireland, GB
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 00:00:20
I was hoping to catch the beginning of the meteor shower over the UK when I spotted a bright star moving north, very high above the eastern coastline here in Northern Ireland.

It changed directions twice and picked up speed. As my eyes focused more on it, I realized it was triangle in shape. After it finished moving in an 'S' pattern it simply vanished.

The whole thing took less than 20 seconds. It was a heart jumping experience. *(Wit's name deleted--SGonzalez/CMS). County Down

*           *           *

Brazil- Fast object seen moving behind TV reporter

MUFON Case # 25066
Date: 2010-08-10
Country: Brazil
I was watchin the news on TV and noticed an object moving behind the reporter. It was very fast. Sorry, my English is very poor.

I am sending some pictures taken from video and also the video link. The object can be seen at the time 0:54 s. It's fast!

The funny thing is that the news was talking about the position of the Brazilian Air Force on UFOs.

* I await news

*(Link was removed by MUFON CMS)

Attached Media:
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*           *           *

Canada- Daytime observation of fast moving, dark object

MUFON Case # 25064
Date/Time: 2010-08-06 15:30
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I do yoga in my backyard every day. It was a bright sunny day with a few clouds.

Holding one of my poses in which I was on my back, I looked at the sky. I noticed an extremely fast and dark object moving directly over me from South to North.

It caught my immediate attention as it did not move like a bird, was black in colour and was faster than an airplane moving across the sky.

From the time it took me jump up from the ground and turn around to follow it's path, it had already disappeared to the north in a cloud. There was no sound.

I stood watching the cloud/sky for a few minutes as it really was an unusual movement, colour and velocity (speed).

Within a few minutes, I seen it reappear to the left (west), move for a short duration in a straight line (east) and then appeared to move upwards into a cloud and disappear. It did not curve into the ascent but appeared to just rise upwards at a right angle.

It's speed did not change. It did not re-appear in the fifteen minutes I watched after that. I could not tell the shape of it only that it was black.

There was no glint of sunlight off it (it was a brght sunny day) and it moved faster than an air plane.

It's flight behaviour/speed when it was directly over me when I first sighted it reminded me of the way satellites move across the night time sky. Fast and smooth, non-erratic.

Winnpeg is on a flight path of jets flying east/west. This object was totally different than the characterstics portrayed by these flights.

I have no idea how large or how far away it was. I looked up the types of clouds that were in the sky and as far as I can tell they were the clouds that appear at six thousand feet.

*           *           *

Ireland- 2 metallic disc shaped objects hovering over Killiney Bay.

MUFON Case # 25054
Date/Time: 1999-04-01 16:00
Location: Killiney Bay, Ireland
Shape: Disc
Distance: 100 feet or less
I was sitting on the train coming home from college & it had stopped over killiney bay for 5 minutes. It was approx 4pm on a sunny, clear day.

I noticed 2 bright lights over the sea hovering. 1 going straight up about 50 ft and 1 staying over the water, both going up & down in sync & together up and down.

At first I thought they were helicopters moving at incredible speed. It never entered my head that they were UFOs as I never believed in them, until the bright lights went out.

I could see very clearly 2 disc shaped objects hovering about 10ft over the sea. They both rose up at the same time to approx 100 ft for maybe 10 sec then they both did a half loop and sped off in the same direction to the clouds at an unbelievable speed. It was inredible.

There seemed to be a haze / distortion that followed them as they sped off. As they were passing through the clouds, I saw a further 2-3 more objects follow them in a single line. I lost them as they went into the clouds. I was gobsmacked.

I looked around to see if anyone saw but everyone seemed to have their heads in books / phones or whatever. There was only about 10 people on my carraige. I felt shocked & moved.

I told my parents about it straight away & my mother made me draw the object.I dont know where it is now as it was so long ago. She wanted me to report it but I was too embarrassed. I didn't want everyone thinking I was a 'weirdo' and made up the story.

That weekend it was all over the Irish Sunday papers; there were loads of sightings, not just the one I witnessed. So I never really talked about until recently; now I feel ashamed that I didn't. It takes more balls to say something like that that could ruin your reputation.

This is my very first time reporting it. I have no pictures or evidence but know what I saw, this was not from this planet.


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  1. I had a similar experience as the person from Ireland... Tonight, my friend and I were actually heading East outside of town in Northeast Kansas, away from light pollution, to see the Perseids meteor shower when as we were driving, we saw a small ball of light slowly drifting down towards the Eastern horizon. It was slightly larger than Venus appears during this time of year... I stopped the car to make sure it was actually moving since it was hard to tell. It almost looked like something burning and falling from the sky except it would move downwards and then start to move diagonally towards the north, then sideways and then down again. Eventually it moved behind some trees and we never saw it again. This is actually the second time I've seen something like this. The other time was a couple of years ago but I don't remember much except that it was smaller and started to move at an incredibly fast speed before vanishing.


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