Friday, August 27, 2010

Brisbane youngster says- "It came out of nowhere."

          Child's depiction of black UFO.

A child (under 12), riding as a passenger in their grandmother's car witnessed a black, disc shaped UFO. The object was seen flying towards Mount Coot-tha, west of Brisbane, which is located on the East Coast of Queensland, Australia.
Brisbane [pronounced Briz-ben] is a bustling air/seaport on the edge of the Coral Sea and is said to be the third most populated city in Australia.

Here is the unedited report:

MUFON Case #  25194
Log Number:    AU-08272010-0002
Submitted Date:    2010-08-27 02:36
Event Date:    2008-07-25 09:09
City:    Brisbane
Country:    AU
Shape:    Disc,Unknown
Summary:    it came out of nowhere

We where heading to my nana's house then i looked up [i was a pessenger] look out the window then out the corner of my eye i saw a black disc object it was at roughly 35,00 feet and traveling very fast [i cant estamate the speed becuse im under 12] i thougth it was a plane in the sun but as it moved to the skyline it stayed black it was moving north-west towards Mt-cootha [google maps-mt cootha road]one it got to the mountain made a sharp rigth east and desaperd into the skyline.

Original drawing


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