Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Witness watches as UFOs Enter Green, cylindrical "doorway" in sky

A Valley Springs, California resident claims to have seen mist covered green glowing cylinders form a circular pattern and then 2 UFOs pass through the "doorway".

Here is the unedited report to MUFON.

MUFON Case # 25032
Date:  11/30/2002
Time:  22:00
City:    Valley Springs
Region:    California
Shape:    Cylinder,Oval
Distance:   One mile or less
Location:   Town
Terrain:    Mountains
Visibility: Clear
Summary:  Green glowing cylinders 50 feet long coverered in mist in a circular pattern with UFO passing thru it

I was sitting in my truck around 10 pm next to a 40 foot long aluminum storage container on my 3 acre property I had just sold. I was thinking about how I would have liked to have kept my lot but was buying out a partner on another house. I saw a flash of bright light and thought it was a plane crashing into the mountaintop where I was. I realized it was a series of glowing cylinders that was covered in a mist individually. The total area was twice the size of a house. The sound it made was a roar like Niagara falls almost deafening even inside my truck.

Their was another craft that was entering the 'doorway' it was gold/brown/yellowish and reminded me of a broken mirror. The craft was shaped like a rugby football. I only saw the front half of the 2nd craft I believe from the reflective light of the first craft. The 2nd craft appeared to be floating and as it entered the doorway they both disappeared. The craft was directly in front of a former astronaut's house which I thought was an incredible coincedence. I asked him about it later and he said he did not know what I was talking about but showed no surprize, amazement, or suspicion which I thought was a very odd reaction to the wildest story he ever heard.

I had been selling the lot and their were two dogs that barked at me constantly. but they were not barking then and I got out of my truck because I expected people to come outside to see what the commotion had been about but no one came outside and I am absolutly sure people would of came outside to see what the roar was about. There were about about 10 homes in visual sight. I think the dogs and people were put to sleep and the aluminim storage container made a barrier to keep me conscious.

I have seen 3 other craft in the area. 2 sightings were a green glowing ball of light floating at sunset along the mountain tops. 1 was a flash of light in a figure 8 shape 10 pm when I was playing basketball in the dark.
That only lasted 1 second but enough to see it slide as it tuned like it was on wet plastic.

I have heard other stories of sightings in the area and believe it is a portal doorway to another place. A pilot told me of some very unusual experiences he had but do not want "you know who" to question me because I believe they are very aware of this area. I did see an description on a discovery in the egyptian pyrmids that remined me of this doorway and she described it as a symbol for a doorway into another dimension. But I could not find her website later.

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  1. My family used to own property b/w Valley Springs and Mokelumne Hill. My father & grandfather witnessed the same green mist glowing objects appear one night in the summer/autumn of 1985 as they were stargazing. They saw large, glowing green mist cigar objects beam down large "search lights" upon the land as they flew over Valley Springs. No “portal” though.

    I sadly did not see the objects myself that night but I did come outside in time to see the glowing green-blue exhaust trails they left in the sky. We weren't the only ones who saw them either. I saw local trucks barreling down the 12 in hot pursuit, almost surreally like a scene from 'Close Encounters of a Third Kind.'

    The local papers that week said they were "Trident test launches." Ha ha. Do missiles actually slow down mid-flight and beam lights over towns? Don't think so. But my father & grandfather believed the papers in spite of their own eyes. Probably more for their own peace of mind than anything else.


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