Monday, June 21, 2010

Woman claims close encounter with "Grey Alien"

MUFON Case #  23852
Date:    11/30/1995
Time:   03:20
Location: Kalona, Iowa
Summary: Grey alien encounter...

I was awakened out of a deep sleep to open my eyes and be staring into the face of a very dark looking alien - who seemed to be laying horizontal on my bed facing me. The look & shape of its head & features were the "typical grey" type alien with very large, slanted almond eyes, a tiny mouth & chin, and a very large cranium. The only difference is that it seemed much darker, and as I looked at it, the corners of its mouth turned up in what seemed to be an evil smile.

I was so horrified at this sight, I could not make a noise. I did not feel that I could even reach out to wake my husband in the bed, as this alien was between my husband and I, and I did not want to touch it. So I closed my eyes and began intensely praying to God. I am a strong believer in God, and this is my natural reaction to any challenging situation, as God is always faithful to take care of my needs. But because of my horror, I could not bring myself to open my eyes again for what seemed like 20 minutes. It could have been shorter, or even longer, I had no way of checking. But I did finally open my eyes and it was gone.

I heard and felt no noise, or movement on the bed, even though it seemed to be on top of the mattress. This experience is very real to me even to this day. I know it was something I actually saw, and not just a dream. Unfortunately, I do not keep a journal, so I do not know the exact date this happened.

I live out in the country, with the closest neighbors a few blocks away. I came across your website for the 1st time today, and thought I would share my experience, as others have done.

Note:  This case has not yet been investigated. 


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