Monday, June 14, 2010

Bright UFO seen shooting beam over El Paso, Texas

In this recent report to MUFON, the witness claims to have seen a bright UFO that shot a green beam of light down over the city of El Paso, Texas.
Note: A few corrections have been made to this posting.  To see original report, please click on case number.

Depiction by SW

MUFON Case #  23742
Date:    06/13/2010
Time:    21:18
Location:    El Paso, Texas
Shape:    Diamond, Disc, Star-like
Duration:    00:04:00
Summary:  Saw a ufo race across the Sky drop tractor beam and race back across sky and disappears

It was a ordinary Sunday night in El Paso, Texas.  Around 9:15pm, my father, my brother and I were driving back home, heading west.  We were driving in the neighborhood area near home, when my father then noticed a bright light in the sky and we all focused in on it. It was moving very rapidly through the sky, way faster than any airplane, or even jet could go and covered the whole sky from north to south in just a couple of seconds.

As we watch it, it began to get bright then dim much like pulsing I guess you could say, then it began to hover toward the south west area of town. As we watched trying not to lose sight of it, a green beam began to beam from the bottom of it. I noticed at the bottom of it where the beam was, the object appeared to be pointed more like a diamond. The object only had the beam out for about 3 seconds at the most and then just disappeared instantly.

As we began to search for it, it then appeared toward the west where it originally appeared. Then it raced across the sky to the north where it disappeared for good.

As we arrived at some stop lights we noticed a border patrol helicopter that was unlit and following the path where the object seemed to fly through. We then raced home to try and see if we could get the object on video or binoculars.  Unfortunately there was no more activity in the sky but we all tried to believe what we just saw.

We knew for sure it wasn't a airplane, jet or helicopter, or possibly some experiment from Ft. Bliss, which is the army base here.  I guess you could say this whole experience was like being in War of the Worlds.

See Original drawing by witness


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