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UFO Researcher/Experiencer comments on James Carrion and his new venture, "CUT"

(I received this email from a colleague/friend.)
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Hi Sunny,

Just wanted to let you know what I think about the newest Ex-MUFON crony to fall asleep at the wheel. I am sure that  you have been following the James Carrion flip. He has started his own research group, with the "preconceived" intent of proving the UFO phenomena is and always has been a Cold War hoax, constructed in the dark rooms of secret governments... to use UFOs as a cover for black projects, and convince other governments that your government has weapons of unearthly power.

He has clearly stated that he is not taking donations from any one, to help him undertake the work needed to prove his point to the world. That simply tells me that he is either guilty of skimming funds from the books of MUFON, for his entire stint with that organization.... or... he is being funded by the GOVERNMENT! Doesn't matter though. He is simply one more Coward to allow himself to be bought or blackmailed, and his actions should be considered Criminal from this day forward!

Too many Americans are Sleep Walking, and simply refuse to open their eyes, when the real threat is not what the UFOs can do to harm us. But, what our government is doing to harm planet Earth... and the entire human race. Including, trying to make us believe that they are also responsible for every single UFO incident in the history of mankind. I have a hard time believing that our government could have been responsible for the glowing 300 foot wide saucer, seen by the Sailors aboard ships in the Columbus fleet in 1492, that rose from the sea and blasted past them against the wind, at over 100 miles per hour!.... Explain that one Mr. Carrion!

I am truly sick of people saying they are committing their Life's Work to finding out the truth, no matter what it might be, concerning the ever present UFO phenomena. When they already have preconceived notions and affirmation of their theories. What ever happened to the Golden Rule, that simply states...

Every Investigative Researcher should always keep an open mind, and never jump to conclusions, or alter the facts to distort their findings and deceive the masses, into believing what YOU want them to believe. As a researcher, your job is simply to unearth the facts and leave the conclusions, and the assumptions to the people you are reporting to.

James Carrion keep on sleep walking! Because, you might just end up being squashed under the pad of a Mother Ship's landing gear!... or should I say: "End up being burnt to a crisp, by the laser beams of our government's secret Mother Ship Holographic Imaging systems!"

My name is Dakota Roi and yes, I am a believer in the existence of UFOs. Because, I have experienced events where I know for a FACT, that our government could not have possibly been involved. Unless they have flying ships that can morph into seven different shapes and forms, within a split second. Go from standing still and accelerate to fourteen thousand miles an hour, in a split second.... and then come back to rest at a complete stop, just as quickly. Control the weather, by making the clouds from the distant horizon, flow like water to a specific location "Around the Morphing UFO", and do this within 60 seconds or less.

Mr. Carrion, if you are trying to tell me that what I experienced was simply a  super advanced government Holographic simulation. Then, how could they possibly beam these crystal clear images through an overlaying cloud bank. Create the snowflakes drifting down on my skin, from the clouds that formed in seconds... and produce the lightning bolts with super loud thunder, that accompanied this giant illusion that hundreds of people witnessed!

If our government can do all of this, just to convince a few hundred or so ordinary people, that UFOs are as real as they want us to believe they are. Then, I have all the faith in the world, that our government can easily fix the Gulf Oil Leak in 60 seconds or less!

James Carrion, you are a joke and if you want to waste your time researching cold war documents and interviewing cold war combatants, just to prove that UFOs are a bi product of this era. Then, please stay out of my way, as I plan to keep on researching this phenomena that has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years!

I want to thank you for your service to the UFO community and I still respect your opinions. But, if you want me to take the same sleeping pills and board the same "Cop Out" train. I can't do that. I can still sleep at night, knowing that I have not been corrupted by the super rich elite, who are pulling the puppet strings of our purchased government. Yes, we have incredibly advanced technology. But, I don't think it evolved because of the Cold War UFO hoax designers... and I don't think mankind in general will ever benefit or become better stewards of this planet. Because of this technology. I think the top 100 Wealthy Elitists are sipping their wine and dining on caviar, while laughing at every society on this planet. Because, they know that people like you are only helping the government puppets, convince humanity that we are all hallucinating and need to go back to becoming zombies of our video games, or drones of our dull nine to five jobs.
UFOs are real and some of them could very possibly come from outside of Earth's biosphere. That is the reason I am a researcher/investigator and those are the facts I will do everything in my power to uncover... So help me God! The Golden Rule still applies to my work ethics though. I will never investigate UFOs with any preconceived ideas.

My experiences are mine alone, and they will never influence my decisions to only find the facts, that further my beliefs. I know that many UFOs can be explained, and I also know that many UFOs are definitely military in origin. But, I also know that the few unexplainable UFOs are not Cold War anomalies.... and I definitely know that ALL UFOs are NOT what James Carrion is trying to convince us they are!

Dakota Roi

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James Carrion Announces new organization

On his blog-site, "Follow the Magic Thread", James Carrion announced the formation of The Center for UFO Truth (CUT).

Mr. Carrion claims that "CUT is not a UFO organization nor is it affiliated in any way with Ufology. Instead CUT is a historical research organization focused on examining the question long ignored by historians - was the UFO subject purposely created by the United States and its allies as part of a cold war operation and perpetuated to this day for national security reasons?"
Read More

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Note: I am a supporter of MUFON, their members and the fine work they do.  However, MUFON has seen it's share of turmoil here in the last year or so, and it is my hope they resolve their issues and get back to investigating UFO sightings, rather than all the in-fighting, bickering, firing and resigning that has taken place recently.

An organization that can't tolerate questions and concerns by it's leaders (as in the now former Texas State Director, Ken Cherry), and address those issues within, then that organization is doomed.

I had planned to hopefully add my name to the ranks of MUFON Field Investigators but have decided to join with another newly forming organization, that I will soon announce.  How many others have considered becoming members and/or field investigators, only to be put off by all the nonsense?

As MUFON's International Director, I thought that James Carrion's job was to lead the investigations and not be the chief "debunker".  Adding to this, the discrepancies in other areas of MUFON's internal workings, it was only right that Mr. Carrion step down.

And what of The Center for UFO Truth?  Well, I believe that if it is not a UFO organization and is not affiliated in any way with Ufology, then it's name is misleading.  Isn't that what Mr. Carrion has been doing all along?

S. Williams, Sky Watcher.


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