Friday, June 4, 2010

UFO Mail Call - June 4, 2010

It's time to check the mailbag.
Here are 2 emailed reports that I have recently received.

UFOs and Lights in Sky

May 2010, White flashes of light in night sky, around 2 and 3 in morning.  Huge, horizontal flashes. Coming from western horizon to north-east direction. 

While cutting shrubs around 2 in afternoon saw two elongated disk in trail, very close together for speed they were traveling . As if there is a speed control that high up.  Have never seen air craft go that fast or seen anything so large that high up. It was out of any normal flight pattern, had to be barely in our atmosphere.

Sky very active , in many ways. Wouldn't believe it unless you catch it.   Try not to look up.  Not a fan of the unexplained. Like all the Ps and Qs in an organized reliable pattern. 

Wish we new what they were and if they are our military or projects of independents or whatever the truth of the action is in the skies. With independents now allowed to work on space craft and NASA taking a back set we won't know who or what nation they could belong to. Freaky thought.

*          *          *

Tall entity seen in Scotland

I was sleeping downstairs with my youngest child (the other kids upstairs). Well, it only happened twice and it was two nights running. I was almost asleep, the door was shut and I just felt this presence staring at me - I turned to look and it was very frightening for me - it was very tall, human looking, wearing all white but modern clothes like a white tracksuit with a hood over 'his' head - he was almost up to the ceiling in height and looking down straight at me - his face was hard to see and almost a luminous greenish colour? I gasped in surprise and turned around and back round to look at him and he was gone.

When I was gasped and was frightened, it (the being) kind of looked shocked, as though I should not have been afraid of it but I think anyone would be, as it was so tall.  At first I thought it might be a burglar, as it looked quite human expect for the height of it and from what I saw of the face, it was luminous and looked like he was wearing goggles - really odd!  Funny thing was, I went straight back to sleep after seeing him, which I also thought was quite strange next day!  The exact same thing happened the next night - but never again since.


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