Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strange Lights In the Sky Over North Georgia Mountains Reported

I received this report via email today.  If anyone in North Geogia,  Southern Tennessee, or the northeastern portion of South Carolina happened to see the same object as reported, please contact me via email

I also wish to thank the witness for reporting.
Thank you.- SW

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June 10, 2010:  North Georgia, USA - Last evening just around midnight EST, I was out walking my dog and no sooner had I closed the door behind me than immediately we (the dog and I both) noticed a strange bright light overhead that seemed to be streaking across the sky.  At first I thought it was a shooting star, but it didn't behave like any shooting star I'd ever seen.  Even my dog seemed to see it and stood perfectly still while we stared at the sky - not usual behavior for a 10 month old pup who's usually chomping at the bit to get out and go for his late night walk.  Then as I watched the light seemed to suddenly halt. almost instantly and became a flashing light similar to the sequence of a beacon on an aircraft but it only hesitated for a few seconds, then sped up again, instantly taking off at warp speed and streaked off.  There was no sound at all, no roar of jet engine and no sonic boom as you might have expected with such fast acceleration, then it just disappeared over the horizon headed in a southwesterly direction. 

We live in a small community of townhomes and condos on the lake shore in the far northern Georgia mountains and have grown accustomed to fighter jets from Dobson AFB in ATL flying on maneuvers from time to time but there is no mistaking them from any other aircraft when they streak by rattling the nerves of onlookers, and sending a chill down your spine with their sonic sounds.  This was something totally different, silent and strange as it seemed to accelerate without hesitation and then hover and become a flashing light that seemed to rotate for just a few seconds then take off again without sound or hesitation.  There were others out on their balcony nearby, as I could tell only by the faint sound of their voices, but it was so dark that one could not see them.  If not for the late hour, I might have gone over to call up to ask them if they too had seen the strange light, but I lost my courage and decided I'd go online the next day instead and do a search to see if anyone else had reported seeing what I did. 

The odd thing was that it seems to coincide with the "swirling lights" reported over Australia last night, but I wouldn't characterize what I saw as a "swirling light" and I only saw one.  I'm just curious to know if anyone else saw what I did.  Being married for 20 years to a commercial airline pilot, I have heard some of the stories of sightings and know all too well, that if you could get pilots to talk, you'd be stunned to find that so many of them have seen anomalies or UFO's but agreed with the flight crew not to report them rather than risk having the FAA order a psychiatric  - evaluation or pull their certificates. 

There, I've reported it; that's all I wanted to do is document what I saw.  If anyone else can corroborate my sighting, I'd love to read about it on this site.

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  1. You said in your post that you saw the lights around midnight so I'm guessing you meant June 9 (today) rather than the 10th. I live on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I went outside around 1:30 this morning (June 9)and it was pitch other lights on anywhere. I looked up in the sky and saw a single very bright light. It started to dart and zig zag through the sky at an incredible rate of speed. Then it would stop and change direction and zig zag again. It was joined by another light which did the same thing. They did not act in tandem and went in different directions changing direction at least a dozen times. This was in the eastern sky. I don't know if there were any other lights/objects because I couldn't take my eyes off the ones that I could see. There were no curves or arcs in their flight pattern just linear lines which, as far as I'm concerned, would have required a method to change direction. Sometimes the light went up, then to the right or left then down at varying degrees of angle and sometimes the two lights crossed each other's path. The speed was incredible. This lasted for about 5 minutes. Although I don't live in Georgia,it sounds very similar.

  2. Wichita Kansas,
    We saw a light last night.
    At 9:08 pm there was an object floating across the sky. It was burnt orange and looked like a halo, or ball that you could see through, there was no sound. It looked like something was on fire. I kept expecting it to drop from it's path, it didn't. It was floating from north to south, it went into a bank of clouds and it seemed to come out the other side. At that point it was almost to far away to see, what I did see was the same color emerging from the other side of the cloud bank.
    I'm going to take some time and draw it, it was so interesting to see its hard to get it out of my head.
    We took a video of it with the cell phone,
    I can not make anything of it.

  3. Hello, Fascinating testimony, I am using this to form a hypothesis of earthquake prediction based on magnetohydrodynamics.

    I would appreciate if you would take the time to go to the website GLP and look for the thread titled " Resonating dusty plasma making strange noises " and read the entire thing please. then if you have any comments, you can email me.

  4. Again tonight over N Georgia weird sweeping lights almost like search lights in a timed inteval

  5. Paul, is it possible that the lights could have been airport beacon lights reflected on clouds?

  6. I'm in north Georgia, blairsville to be exact, and every night for the last month or so I've seen flashing lites flashing different colors, and there stationary. I can come inside and go back out a hr later and they have moved around but I can still see them. Sometimes it seems as if somebody turn the lite out for about 5 seconds then back on. Sometimes there is just one but they are starting multiply. Strange. I do believe our government has a hand in it or know something


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