Thursday, June 3, 2010

Witness captures video of orange lights over Austin

MUFON Case #   23596
Date:    05/21/2010
Time:    23:30
City:    Austin
State:    Texas
Summary:    blinking, orange lights in triangular formations

I live in Austin, TX and I work downtown. It was Friday night and I got off work at about 11:00pm. I hung out around work for a bit with friends and and headed home at about 11:30.

I walked around to the back of the building and noticed a formation of 7-8 orange lights moving slowly, making no noise at all, to the southeast and low. They emerged from behind a skyscraper heading north, so I pulled out my camera and started filming. They crossed just overhead of a full moon, creating a beautiful shot.

I got about 45 seconds of footage and stopped for a better angle. When I looked up again, they were gone. I only wish that I would've captured them vanishing.
See mpg video here


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  1. Yesterday (July 4th)arounf 8:45pm I saw a UFO. I was at pflugerville lake getting ready for the fireworks show which was about to start. As I was looking at the sky, I saw a dull light that would move in random directions. It was strange. It hovered. I notified many firework spectators and they were also in awe. I kept an eye on it for about 45 minutues and it did seems like it was not typical of manmade flying vessels. strange and I know I am convinced.
    Maybe they were attracted by earths fireworks or whatever but i know what I saw


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