Sunday, June 20, 2010

Child has encounter with an unknown entity in Hueysville, Kentucky

Although this is not a UFO sightings report, or typical alien sighting and it sounds more like a Bigfoot encounter, some think that Bigfoot sighting are frequently connected to UFO sightings.

This is a recent report, which was submitted to MUFON, by a parent who claims their son had an encounter with a bipedal ape-like being.

MUFON Case #   23841
Date:    06/16/2010
Time:   13:00
Location:    Hueysville, Kentucky
Duration:    00:02:00
Entity Type:    Ape-like
Summary:    Third type encounter with unknown entity.

During the week between June 9th and 15th, every time I was in my yard at night I would begin to hear sounds like something big was moving through the thick foliage that surrounds my yard. I live in a remote area and my closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. With my experience hunting and with animals (I am a reptile breeder) I knew that this entity was not hunting or showing any fear because of the way it moved, it wasn't trying to be stealthy. I have an outside dog and during the early morning hours she would begin barking, but would not leave the porch.

My son was playing in the backyard when he heard a rustling noise over the embankment at the edge of the yard. He moved closer to the edge and pulled back the leaves. He stated that he saw something with white glowing eyes. He also stated that the object was climbing toward him up the bank. He says that it was not a deer, elk, bear, or other type of animal, it did have hair. It did not have a "nose", but it sniffed him. It was tall when it stood up. It stared at him and then backed away, it did not make any noises. My son ran to the other side of the yard and preceded to play, he didn't come to my wife and tell her anything. He was not fearful of the entity.

That night he was sitting with my wife and me and began to tell his story with great excitement. What is strange about that is he will not volunteer any info on his own. He is not a "talker" and will not even tell what happened during the course of his day if you ask him. His story has been consistent each time he has told it. I have tried to confuse him and lead him another way during the conversation, but he always sticks to the same story. My initial thoughts was it was a bear, since they have been moving through the area. I got online and pulled up pictures of different animals and asked him which one he saw and he could not pick any animals from the pics. I used local wildlife pics and exotic (gorillas, orangutans, etc.) and nothing was anything that he saw.

Note:  Please be aware that this report has not yet been investigated by MUFON, or any other investigation group.


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  1. It was shocking to read this report, because I saw the exact same thing when I was a child. My mother and I used to spend the summers with my Papaw Craft in Bosco Hueysville. I saw this entity near my cousin's house making its way up and around the cemetery that sits above Huntsville, KY. As it walked it turned and looked at me bright, white headlight-type eyes. It had a grey face, hideous to look upon, greyish white fur, but not much fur on the lower part of its legs. I believes then that it was a demonic entity. My Uncle Walker had also seen this on a coon hunting trip, and we both discussed it and thought it was more a demon than a bigfoot. Maybe they are one and the same. Maybe that's why no remains have ever been found. I will never forget it. I would like to go look for this thing again.


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