Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lights over Kent Island, Maryland

I received this email today:

You said in your post that you saw the lights around midnight so I'm guessing you meant June 9 (today) rather than the 10th.  I live on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I went outside around 1:30 this morning and it was pitch other lights on anywhere.  I looked up in the sky and all of a sudden I saw a single very bright light.  It started to dart and zig zag through the sky at an incredible rate of speed.  Then it would stop and "blink" and change direction and zig zag again.  It was joined by another light which did the same thing.  They did not act in tandem and went in different directions changing direction at least a dozen times.  This was in the eastern sky.  I don't know if there were any other lights/objects because I couldn't take my eyes off the ones that I could see.  There were no curves or arcs in their flight pattern just linear lines which, as far as I'm concerned, would have required a method to change direction.  Sometimes the light went up, then to the right or left then down at varying degrees of angle and sometimes the two lights crossed each other's path. The speed was incredible.  Is this similar to what you saw?

Note:  Sorry about the date, as it slipped past me.  As some of you might not know, I am located in the heart of the "Lone Star State", Texas and I'd be hard pressed to get from here, to "there" and back, overnight. My transporter is broken. ;-)

Did anyone else see these incredible lights?  If so, email me and I will post your account, along with entering your report into our database.  Thank you!



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