Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Orange lights over Prince William County, VA

This report was received via email and is posted  "as is", with no corrections. -SW

(1st email)
I saw weird lights in the sky in Prince william county VA

See my posting on Yahoo, "orange lights in the sky, prince william county VA  June 5, 2010

I have two of them on video but they are not real clear and move quickly, the file is two large to upload on email...but I posted the ones I saw in almost the exact formation from a video I found on youtube.

(Posted on Yahoo)
Did anyone else see 8-12 bright orange lights in the sky in western prince william county in Virgina June 5, 2010 similar to the ones in this youtube video?
Thank God I was not home alone and there were other people who saw them! it was FREAKY!


We live in such a populated area, someone else had to have seen it!!

(2nd email)
The first night the lights were white and we watched them for around twenty minutes.  They mimicked spotlights, but they could not have been due to the way they moved across the sky and they changed shapes.

The second night my friend came in and got me, when I went outside there were about 8-12 orange lights, holding there position, as they moved they moved at the exact same time and kept the same spacing.  I am a construction project manager and cannot think of anything that would look and move like these things.  They seem to hover, but when they moved they moved fast.  We live near Dulles International Airport and I find it hard to believe with all the planes in the air, that the lights were not seen by other people.  We live in a a VERY populated area.

The lights were noticed between 8:30 and 9:00, I dont know how long they were there before we noticed because we were inside.  The orange lights only stayed visible for about 3-4 minutes.  The lights moved in a South West position.  I did not notice a wind but when the wind blow it usually comes from the South near the wood line.
Has anyone else reported these lights in my area?  I had a gentlemen in England see them the same night around 11:00, but I am in the US!
Thank you,
Name withheld

Note:  The photo is a video capture of the YouTube video the witness refers to.



  1. I just saw the same thing last night around 11:30pm, Dec 4 2010 in Austin Texas, right above downtown, it was strange, they started off very still, but then started moving. First they were in random positions, then they made an uneven circle, then an uneven line, then they dimmed down and I lost then since I was in a car. I wanna say there were around 8-9, maybe a couple more. Have you found any explanation for this?

  2. I live in Chesapeake Va. 29 Jan, 2011. Last night around 7:40 pm my daughter and I were just about to cross the bridge (headed South into Great Bridge) on Battlefield BLVD. My daughter said what are those....I looked to my left and "strung" over the water there were about 20 orange lights in two rows. It looked like someone had hung lights over the water. The lights were stationary. My first thought was helicopters, but there was no sound. I turned around in a parking lot (South side) just the other side of the bridge so my daughter could get pictures with her phone. As we turned around they started (in unison) to RAPIDLY move to the North East and faded as they got further away one after the other. We parked the car and as the string of lights disappeared another one came from the South rapidly and along the same path the string had been, as that one faded out another one following the same path came from the south. I would have thought they were fireworks if I had not seen the original group stationary in the sky and if they had been coming from the ground going up, but these lights were flying straight across the sky, no arch to their path. Very Strange. They looked just like the picture from "Orange lights over Prince William County, VA"

  3. I was just driving by the Manassas Battlefield from Gainesville and Manassas Virginia on route 28 North, April 10, 2012 around 10:45 pm. There were all sorts of weird lights in the air similar to this earlier report. Three helicopters with spotlights then flew over top my car and police activity was strange I saw cops parked in the cemetery next to the battlefield as well as the visitors center for the battlefield just parked looking at their computers like crazy. Then when I got on 234 Business going towards the City of Manassas the strange police activity continued I passed about four cops all parked in parking lots off to the side of the road not trying to catch speeders or anything else usually typical along that road but all seemingly obsessed with their computer screens. Me and my friend then checked the police scanner for the Western Division of the Prince William Police Department and heard a lot of strange chatter but no indication by the officers of what it was about.

  4. I was traveling south on Route 28 going approximately 60 mph when I noticed a non uniform string of bright orange lights stretching from East to West (toward Dulles International Airport). The lights were visible from my driver's door window, across my windshield, and through the passenger window. The distance of this view was at a minimum 1 mile across. Because I was driving and did not stop, I could not ascertain the speed of the lights.

    Other vehicles had stopped on the road to look. I thought they were helicopters, but when I opened my window, I heard no sound.

    The lights looked exactly like the ones posted above from Prince William County sighting in 2010.

  5. These Orange lights just appeared over the Detroit Michigan skies last night at 10:25 last night (June 1, 2013). I took some pictures and they look exactly like some of the others on the internet.


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