Thursday, June 17, 2010

Witness claims orbs and a metallic object seen during "Wings Over Houston" Air Show

Video Link

Video Link

Though two oddities do appear in the sky in the first of these videos, it's possible that in at least one of the many videos captured that day, someone may have briefly recorded them more clearly. If you find such a video, or there is another witness to this event, please contact me.

I must also add that the P51 Mustang is a passion of mine. To me, there is no sound sweeter, no sight more beautiful, than a P51 flying over. You can view them in the second video. -SW

Here below, is the report posted to MUFON:

MUFON Case # 23797
Date: 10/31/2009
Time:  Approx. 15:00

City: Houston, Texas
Shape: Sphere
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: 2 white orbs with a third metallic object floating / dancing in between them

I was at the Wings Over Houston Airshow Oct 31 2009....the sighting occurred during the Blue Angels performance at around 3pm. Weather was sunny and clear with unlimited visibility.

During a formation loop, I first notice the two white orb like objects just beyond the Blue Angels at the apogee of the loop. These orbs where directly over the airfield and stationary. A third metallic object appeared in between the white orbs and seemed to fall in a tight spiral and then zip back up to repeat the downward spiral.

I asked my father if he saw what I was seeing and he confirmed it. We discussed what if could be, but the altitude was too high and they remained stationary.

More and more people in the crowd were starting to notice the objects too with one person even asking me if I knew what it was. I start to notice that a lot of the people around us where pointing at the orbs and not even paying attention to the F-18s screaming by.

I starting texting my mother about what I was seeing...maybe taking a about a min and in that time the metallic object was gone...but the white orbs remained.... I continued to watch and notice that the crowd had gone silent and people were packing was a creepy feeling to think that maybe the presence of these orbs where making people leave..but it was also at the end of the airshow....

After about 10 min these orbs seem to jump in tandem further down the airfield....not move or float..but jump...first as in a line..then another jump diagnolly... I was responding to my mothers text when I looked up again and notice that only one orb remained and it had moved further down the field.... then it seem to drift further south till it was out of view...

Note: Corrected for spelling.  See original report by clicking on case number.


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