Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video of East Jordon, Michigan UFO

Video capture
Video capture- image cropped.


East Jordon, Michigan man captures a UFO on video. 
Here is that unedited report:

MUFON Case #  30151
Date:    2011-07-13 00:37
City:    East Jordan
State:    Michigan
Shape:    Fireball,Star-like
Duration:    12:45:14
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    mile or less

12:37 AM 13 JULY 2011.
Went to my music studio from my home, went to get a few studio items then on way back in looked up and seen 3 bright (orange/yellow) objects. one large, other two half size of big object. The two small objects were going up to the big object, two times, then kinda freaked out then went in house, got my Canon EOS LSR pro camera and video cameral along with my parents. The three of us watched the two small objects go up to the big object many times, they flickered a bit and after 20 mins they all went away. No way were the objects, fireworks, flars, or known craft. They were ball type at my point of view... Our studio house ranch is out in the country and on a hill, we view the Jordan Valley clear. Very odd and people need to know this event.

Video clip 1
Video clip 2
Video clip 3


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