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Crop Circle Code

ASCII Code in 6/20/2011 Italian Crop Circle?

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"ASCII code was drawn in Crop Circle at Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011:
A new crop picture which appeared near Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011 shows at its centre a large seven-pointed star, which clearly resembles another star
like crop picture from Lane End Down in southern England during July of 2005.
That 2005 crop picture predicted the outburst of comet 17P Holmes two years
later in October of 2007. Could another cometary outburst be imminent?

Even more interestingly, a series of seven rays along the outside of that new crop picture at Poirino are written in eight-bit ASCII code, and seem to identify the crop artist as "Ea" or "Enki" who was a tall blond extra-terrestrial god in ancient Sumeria. According to ancient legends, he and Innanna created modern humans by hybridizing sperm from the male gods with eggs taken from local aboriginals, already living on Earth tens of thousands of years ago.
The precise ASCII code which was drawn at Poirino goes as follows, reading clockwise around its large seven-pointed star:
01000101 E
01100001 a
01000101 E
01101110 n
01101011 k
01101001 i
00100000 space
That amazing crop picture also shows a series of "stars" around its seven edges, but it is not clear whether those symbols represent astronomical images around an exploding comet (as for Lane End Down 2005), or rather some clever mathematical code? Counting each set of "stars" individually, we seem to see "5.334444″.
Last summer in 2010 at Poirino, the precise number of "stars" in a similar crop picture specified the famous equation E = mc2 in decimal ASCII code."


Crop Circle Predictions?

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A Message of Healing?

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Crop Circle Connector

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Note:  I must say that there does appear to be some type of coded message in many of these crop circles.

I am reminded that we humans use "billboards" to post messages, for the observant passerby.  Could these crop circles be "alien billboards?"

I'd also like to know how humans could create such intricate works of art, in pitch darkness.  Can all these "hoaxers" afford night vision equipment, just for the sole purpose of trampling a farmer's field and fooling everyone?

I could probably create such intricate designs on my computer but you aren't going to find me out in the dead of night, boarding some farmer's wheat field. 

There are no "do-overs", no way to erase mistakes and though I am usually sure-footed, I'd be falling flat of my face more times than I would care to.   Did I mention that many farmers have guns?

I might also mention that buckshot is rather painful.  So is birdshot.  I know, because a dimwitted (or maybe just dim-sighted) dove hunter once shot me in the back.  I was riding my motorcycle on the highway that was adjacent to the field he was hunting in.   It stings like a ....  -SW


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